EZ Dock was founded by water enthusiasts for water enthusiasts. Our goal is to make docking accessible for all water systems in the United States, and we’ve been working toward that achievement since 1991 with our top-of-the-line floating docks.

Designed for year-round setup, the EZ Dock can withstand extreme weather, eliminating the need for frequent dismantling. You get more time in the water, and your dock remains in great condition.

Each state has its own regulations for dock building. You can contact our local representatives or find the nearest EZ Dock location to discuss your needs and find a solution perfect for your waterfront property:

The Benefits of EZ Dock

  • Eco-friendly: At EZ Dock, our life revolves around nature. We want to take part in preserving the environment with products with a low carbon footprint. Our products are made with 90% recycled rubber in partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. 
  • Durable: Water activities can be rough, not to mention the weather conditions you may encounter if you leave your dock in the water year-round. Our docks are made to withstand the strongest storms and waves without damaging your equipment.
  • Customizable: EZ Dock makes everything easy for you. Our modular docking systems are ideal for all properties, even those with an existing dock. We can configure our system to fit yours or replace your system entirely with our modular floating docks.
  • Attractive: Our dock sections and systems come in a neutral beige color that looks great against the water. They also complement your equipment and the general aesthetic of your property.
  • Cost-effective: If you have a waterfront property, an EZ Dock is an excellent investment that increases your property’s value and helps you maximize your waterfront’s function. If you’re not much of a water enthusiast, you can make the investment for your family or a business venture — whatever the purpose, these modular sections combine to create the perfect docking setup for your place.
  • Warranty: Our team understands that storms, freezing and other concerns are a way of life for waterfront property owners, and we are proud to offer the best terms in the industry. EZ Dock products come with a service and repair warranty, so contact a local representative to know more.