Consider adding a floating dock system to your property if you’re interested in recreational activities like paddleboarding or kayaking or just looking for a way to take in the water views. 

EZ Dock offers boat docks designed to transform your waterfront property and add long-term value to your home or business in North Carolina.

Discover the Advantages of EZ Dock Products in North Carolina 

No matter if you live in a lake community or your business operates by the ocean, EZ Dock has the floating dock system you need. North Carolina has many bodies of water that can support our docks, from the Atlantic Ocean bordering the state’s eastern side to major lakes ranging from Lake Mattamuskeet to Lake Waccamaw. With all kinds of rivers throughout, as well, aquatic recreational activity possibilities are endless. 

While traditional wood docks have been used for decades, they have some downsides — specifically, maintenance and stability concerns. Because of the way they’re designed, wood docks can be susceptible to unsafe conditions like splinters or exposed nails. These types of docks also need to be restained yearly and inspected after bad weather to ensure they are still structurally sound.

To solve these issues, our docks are constructed out of polyethylene and recycled rubber. This composition creates a cutting-edge and durable floating dock system. Even when it’s exposed to rough waters or bad weather, you won’t have to worry about constant upkeep and maintenance. 

Along with being durable, these materials make all of our dock systems safe and environmentally friendly. Experience peace of mind knowing that your new system won’t deteriorate and send chemicals into the water. 

Make a Smart Investment in Your Waterfront Home, Vacation Home or Business 

If you live or work near the water, you’ll find the right solution for your dock needs at EZ Dock. Discover products that make it possible for you, friends and family to swim and kayak or for your restaurant’s guests to enjoy the water views after a delicious meal.  

We offer products for various properties, including: 

  • Industrial work sites: Count on your floating dock to stand up to heavy-duty jobs with solutions ranging from modular dock systems to motorized barges. With features like slip-resistant surfaces, our industrial docks let you safely and effectively finish tough tasks.
  • Residential homes: Experience the convenience of walking outside your door and having easy access to the water. Whether your residential or vacation home is situated near the water, our floating docks will let you make the most of your property in North Carolina. 
  • Government facilities: Even government entities can experience the convenience of having a dock designed to suit their specific climates and situations. Local, state and federal agencies will be able to perform tasks ranging from emergency management to law enforcement and complete their jobs more easily and safely than ever before.
  • Commercial businesses: Add long-term property value to your commercial business with modular floating docks, from smaller options to complex marinas complete with boat lifts. Your customers will appreciate having a way to swim, sail or row with ease.

Contact Us to Experience the EZ Dock Difference

With customizable floating dock solutions designed to meet the needs of both home and business owners in North Carolina, EZ Dock is equipped and ready to meet your specific needs. We invite you to request a quote or contact a local dealer near you to get started today.