Benefits of EZ Dock Floating Work Platforms 

EZ Dock’s Floating Work Platforms offer several advantages:

  • Toughness: Our floating work platforms have weather resistance built right in. In various marine environments, our durable materials mean EZ Dock platforms can handle the climate. Our platforms have been used all over the world and have been trusted by the military and by governments when the jobs have mattered. Tested under the most rugged conditions, our platforms stand up to the elements, including hot weather, rough waters and freezing conditions.

Floating work platforms tested

  • Weather-Ready: EZ Dock platforms float above freezing water, separating your crew from chunks of ice in the water. Our platforms also handle high heat well and the surface transfers less heat thanks to the materials used.
  • Portable: The floating access platforms can be broken down into sections and can be transported to the job site via truck or even on a ship. Light weight and easy to set up and dismantle, they go where you go. Once your crew has the basic training, they can quickly break down or set up an EZ Dock platform in a timely fashion. Most will require only two crew members to set up.
  • Stability: EZ Dock floating work platforms are designed to offer stable performance. They help your crew stay stable at work and protect your equipment and parts on the water.
  • Customization: Each job site is different and EZ Dock makes it easy to create the platform you want. Whether you need a larger platform, one designed for specific atmospheric conditions or an irregularly-shaped work surface, contact EZ Dock to discuss your options.

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