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Connecticut is home to several rivers and lakes, making it a vibrant location for beach and lake houses and waterfront businesses. EZ Dock has proudly provided boat and personal watercraft (PWC) dock solutions since 1991, offering attractive options for water enthusiasts. We're your premium dock builders in Connecticut.

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EZ Docks in Connecticut

The Advantages of EZ Dock Systems in Connecticut

Whether you have a waterfront home or business, you can make the most of your property with EZ Dock’s boat and vessel dock solutions. Elevate your waterfront lifestyle and increase your property value with customizable boat docking from EZ Dock. There’s no longer a need to trailer your boat or PWC back and forth — we bring you impeccable solutions with convenience as the cornerstone. Our docks offer:

  • Long-lasting materials: Our polyethylene plastic is tough, durable and barefoot-friendly with no slipping.
  • Ease of maintenance: You won’t need to apply coatings constantly, as with wooden docks. There’s no need to worry about splinters, nails or rotting wood. 
  • Customizable layouts: For your convenience, we can customize our floating sections to fit your unique property and needs.
  • Durability: Firm connection couplers allow the dock sections to move with the water in inclement weather, minimizing damage.
  • Flexibility: Our floating docks fall and rise with the tide. We manufacture the floating chambers in our docks for outstanding strength and structural capacity.
  • Sustainability: EZ Dock respects the environment with eco-friendly materials and processes that leave minimal carbon footprints.
  • Accessibility: We manufacture our products with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to make them more accessible. 

Get a Floating Dock Designed for Your Needs

Whether you have a waterfront business, a holiday lake house or a home near the water, a floating dock is one of the best investments you can make for your Connecticut property. You can increase the value of your property and create lasting memories with a boat dock that makes watersports more convenient. We offer premium docking solutions for:

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Install a top-quality dock for your boat or PWC that suits your lifestyle and won’t need much maintenance.

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Drive revenue and increase foot traffic with commercial boat docks.

EZ Docks Connecticut



Law enforcement and government officials can turn to our robust and reliable solutions for recreational parks or public safety.

EZ Dock Equipment and Materials Barges



We manufacture robust dock systems for military and industrial marine applications. We can configure our docks to serve as floating pump stations, barges and more.

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  • "During hurricane “Georges” and the wind storm from “Mitch,” the docks we bought from you came through the wind and tide with absolutely no damage."

    - Claude E. Owens,Conch Harbor, Key West
  • "We installed our EZ Dock system in February 2008 and have been extremely pleased with its low maintenance, durability, and stability."

    - Dr. Alan E. Wilson,Auburn University
  • "After much research and many months of investigation, it was clear that the EZ Dock was the clear selection for our eight boat slip marina plus the additional space for our Personal Water Craft, etc."

    - Greg Evans,Smithfield, NC
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Looking for a boat dock for sale in Connecticut? Take full advantage of the water and create new memories with our customizable, easy-to-maintain floating docks. Request your quote or find a distributor online to get started today. 

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