Do you want to create an inviting outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family or drive more customers to your restaurant or hotel? You can achieve your goals with a new floating dock system from EZ Dock.

Enjoy the Advantages of EZ Dock Products in California 

California is filled with bodies of water, from bays to lakes. It features the largest inland lake, the Salton Sea, as well as the Gulf of California. Also, the Pacific Ocean borders the majority of the state. Altogether, this creates endless opportunities for locals and tourists to enjoy relaxing waterside or engage in fun water sports.

As the pioneer in floating docks, EZ Dock offers systems that are fully customizable to suit your waterfront needs. For more than 26 years, we’ve made it possible for Californian home and business owners to enter and exit the water easily with dock floats. 

All of our products are: 

  • Versatile: If you need a dock for boating, kayaking or swimming, we have the system you need. Discover versatile designs that make it easy to enjoy the sun or engage in recreational activities. 
  • Easy to configure: With many different dock types and sizes available, you can design a system that meets your exact specifications. No matter how you configure your new dock, it will be easy to install and provide years of enjoyment. 
  • Maintenance-free: Whether you use one of our docks in a freshwater or saltwater environment, you can trust that it will stay structurally sound and look as good as the day it was first installed. Even in bad weather, these docks won’t rot or need replacement parts and constant attention. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Because our docks are made without treated wood or foam-filled products, they will keep the water clean. Our safe and environmentally friendly systems comprise recycled rubber and polyethylene, creating a healthy and nontoxic dock that’s completely recyclable.

Find the Exact Dock for Your Needs

Whether you own a waterfront home or business, a dock is one of the best investments you can make. Regardless of your needs, we have a dock that will work well within your industry. EZ Dock offers residential options if you want to make your home a fun gathering place and commercial docks if you’re looking for a product for your waterfront business. Some other areas we can provide docks for include:

  • Government: Local, state and federal agencies can do their job more safely and efficiently with a government-designed dock. No matter if you are involved in parks and recreation or law enforcement, we have the perfect solution for your situation. 
  • Industrial: Even if your dock will be exposed to heavy or industrial use, you can experience peace of mind knowing it will stand up to the task. We have industrial modular dock systems suitable for all kinds of job sites and military applications. 

Choose Our Products to Discover the EZ Dock Difference

When you’re looking for boat docks for sale in California, turn to the experts at EZ Dock for all your needs. You can request a quote to get started or reach out to a local California dealer near you for more information.