Want to become an EZ Dock dealer? Join our team! We have 30-plus years of experience in the industry and offer a wide range of locations with fun, friendly, and growing environments. Dealer territories are available throughout the United States and in numerous countries worldwide.

When you sign up with EZ Dock, you will receive a $1,200 credit to be used for marketing assets, boat show materials, swag and more! 

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The Benefits of Partnering With EZ Dock

Becoming an EZ Dock dealer comes with many advantages for your business. As one of our dealers, you’ll enjoy:

  • Great potential for increased profits through special dealer pricing
  • Improved customer satisfaction with durable, easy-to-assemble products
  • Immediate support and training for our EZ Dock team with over 30 years of experience
  • Versatile floating docks that attract a broad customer base
  • Strong branding through an established supplier
  • Valuable support from the EZ Dock team
  • Reputable manufacturing and regular communication within our distribution network
  • Complete education on the features and benefits of EZ Dock products
  • Product brochures and other valuable information for customers
  • Continued development and other resources

If you want to offer long-lasting, innovative docks that meet customer needs and exceed their expectations, EZ Dock has the modular floating docks for you.

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Our Ideal Dealer

At EZ Dock, we want to partner with a diverse group of independent dealers. We’re excited to work with:

  • Yamaha and SeaDoo distributors.
  • Dock installers
  • Individually owned marine supply distributors.
  • Marinas
  • Marine contractors
  • Independent lumber yards
  • Individually-owned hardware stores
  • Independent building material distributors.

How Are Dealers and Distributors Different?

The terms “dealer” and “distributor” are often used interchangeably. Dealers and distributors both sell another company’s products. 

Despite their similarities, dealers and distributors are two different entities. After buying products from the manufacturer, distributors sell those products to dealers. Distributors act as a connection between manufacturers and dealers, and dealers connect the distributor with customers. Dealers then sell the products at their final retail price. 

EZ Dock is looking to partner with trustworthy, reputable dealers at this time. 

Locations in High Demand

At EZ Dock, we’re seeking dealers in locations with increased demand. Having dealers in these areas helps us scale our business and improve brand recognition. In turn, your business receives increased profits and customer loyalty. Coastal areas, inland lakes and other waterfront properties are all excellent places for our dealers to have locations. If you think your geographic area has a demand for floating modular docks, fill out the form below to connect with us about distributing our products. 

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Are you located in an area of high demand for long-lasting, durable floating docks? If so, EZ Dock wants to work with you. Get in touch with our team to learn more about what it takes to become an EZ Dock dealer.

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