Turn to EZ Dock for the best floating dock systems in Michigan. We’ve been helping our customers find the best solutions for their homes or businesses for more than 26 years. Regardless of what your needs are, we can help you choose products that are right for you. 

Advantages of EZ Dock Products in Michigan 

With a nickname like “The Great Lakes State,” it’s no surprise that Michigan is home to many inland lakes. Four of the most notable are Lake Superior, Huron, Erie and Michigan, which make up the Great Lakes. There are countless other bodies of water throughout the state as well, including ponds and rivers.

Whether you’re involved in boating or love to watch the sun rise and set over the water, Michigan offers something for everyone. Take full advantage of your waterfront property with an innovative dock designed to fit your needs. Our docks are completely customizable and easy to configure no matter what kind of design you’re interested in.

While traditional wood docks have been used for all kinds of recreational activities, these docks are more difficult to maintain and can be susceptible to rotting, fading and splintering, especially during bad weather. To solve this problem, our docks are made out of polyethylene and recycled rubber.

Once your dock is in place, experience peace of mind knowing that it will stay looking its best and remain structurally sound for many years to come. Our maintenance-free floating dock systems will let you make the most of all your waterfront property has to offer.

Enjoy Better Access to the Water With Customizable Systems 

Whether you want to create memories with friends and family or operate a commercial-grade dock for lake tours, our customizable dock systems make it possible to reach your exact goals. We have options designed for all industries, including:  

  • Government: When dealing with various situations and climates, you need a floating dock system to stand up to the task. We have docks designed to suit government purposes, whether you work at the local, state or federal level. Our systems can easily adapt to handle tasks like law enforcement or emergency management. 
  • Residential: If your residential or vacation home is on the water, we’ll help you create an outdoor space to enjoy activities like fishing, kayaking and boating right on your property. 
  • Commercial: No matter if you run a fishery or resort, your commercial business can offer convenience for customers with an innovative dock system. By adding features like a boat lift or swimming area, you’ll also be adding long-term property value.
  • Industrial: Tackle heavy-duty jobs with ease with a floating dock designed to suit your specific industrial applications. We can develop systems like floating pumping stations, equipment and material barges and floating work platforms for your job site.

Benefit From the EZ Dock Difference

Interested in learning more about our floating docks for Michigan homes and businesses? EZ Dock is here to walk you through the process and handle all your needs. Request a quote or contact a local dealer near you to learn more.