Gangways are used to connect your dock to the shoreline of your property. They provide a walkway over longer distances to allow for easier access to the dock. Because they’re designed for distance, gangways feature handrails to ensure user safety. A floating dock gangway sits on top of the water to provide users with an accessible route out to the floating dock without coming in contact with the water.


Gangways can be used in various situations, though there are a few particular situations when you should use aluminum and polyethylene gangways specifically. In general, you want to use them where you need to create a solid path to and from a floating dock. Consider how gangways are essential in the following situations:

  • Where you can’t safely install a floating dock: Floating docks are advantageous in many settings, though depending on the body of water, the water level may be hazardous or too low to safely install a floating dock to be safely installed. In these situations, you can install the floating dock in a more suitable location and connect it to the shore via a gangway.
  • Bridging a gap between the dock and your property: In some cases, you may need to access your dock from an area of your property and need something to bridge the gap. For example, if the land leading up to your shoreline is swampy and difficult to walk through, a gangway can bridge that gap and make the dock easier to access.
  • Creating accessibility: Boating is an enjoyable pastime, though getting in and out of a boat on a standard dock can be challenging for some users. Gangways for docks create an accessible connector between the land or a ramp to make boating more pleasurable for all users.

When to use gangways


Whether you own a residential or commercial dock, safety should be a top priority for you and your guests. Keep these safety tips in mind when using your gangway:

Maintain Your Dock Ramp And Gangway

Just as you’d do with your dock, your gangway needs to be maintained. Keep the gangway clean and regularly inspect it for damage, especially between seasons. If your dock is located where you’ll experience freezing temperatures, be sure to winterize your gangway and store it in a dry location.

Look for Safety Features in Your Floating Dock Gangway

Pay attention to the materials your gangway is made of. Look for materials that will add safety features like slip-proof, heat-resistant and splinter-free surfaces. Safety features like these ensure all users stay safe on the gangway, and they can even reduce the frequency of maintenance needed.

Choose a Gangway Compatible With Your Dock

Compatibility is crucial to ensure the gangway fits properly with your current dock. Gangways are available in various sizes to provide the best fit for numerous situations.

Customize Your Floating Dock Configuration With EZ Dock

EZ Dock configurations

EZ Dock has a variety of gangways for docks to help you reach your floating docks easier. Our gangways are designed to work together with all EZ Dock systems or your own existing dock to get you out on the water faster. If you’re looking for floating dock ramps to improve accessibility to your dock, contact your nearest EZ Dock rep today.

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