Enhance Your Camp with Floating Dock Systems 

EZ Dock offers a variety of docks for camps as well as lift systems and walkways. If you have a camp, EZ Dock is the best investment you can make for your property. Our dock systems for camps are made from polyethylene, which is highly durable. Even with varied weather and many campers, your docks will stay strong.

EZ Dock docks also have a slip-resistant surface molded right in. The polyethylene surface transfers less heat to bare skin in hot weather, so there’s less “ouch” when walking on the dock. Unlike wooden docks, there is no need to worry about splinters, rotten wood, protruding nails or peeling paint — in fact, these docks are virtually maintenance-free.

These qualities all make EZ Dock docks less hassle and safer for campers. They’ll be able to enjoy their fun in the water without fear of a rickety dock and you enjoy an easy-on/easy-off dock that attracts more campers.

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Benefits of EZ Docks for Campgrounds

For your camp, EZ Dock docks are also highly customizable. They’re sold in modular floating dock sections that are easy to install and can be combined in a variety of ways for just the system you need. A unique coupling design made from rubber allows you to build the exact dock system you need, no matter what your waterfront is like. Whether you have a lake, river or other waterfront property at your camp, EZ Dock docks have the strength, flexibility and durability to allow your campers to spend more time on the water and enjoy your waterfront.

Choose Versatile Camping Docks 

Our dock stands up to even the harshest weather conditions and are environmentally friendly, making them ideal for camp applications where eco-conscious messages may be part of your brand. EZ Dock is trusted by our military and government contractors, so you know you can trust our docks with your campers. To learn more about how EZ Dock can be the perfect dock solution for your camp, contact us today!

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