EZ Dock provides revolutionary floating dock designs for Florida residents, business owners and beyond. Explore the benefits of our floating boat docks and how you can leverage their advantages to the fullest extent. 

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Advantages of EZ Dock Products in Florida

Florida is home to almost 8,000 lakes and the peninsula itself is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. With many opportunities for waterfront property, floating docks can be an excellent addition to your home or business. Areas like St. Augustine, The Florida Keys and Mount Dora are popular places for setting up docks, and with EZ Dock, the process is simple.

Our products are:

  • Versatile: Whether you own a waterfront home or a restaurant on the water, our floating docks can integrate into your location.
  • Easy to configure: Our docks use a unique coupling design to make construction and configuration simple. Connect dock pieces based on our frequently used configurations or work with one of our experts to create a unique layout. We can also help you comply with dock regulations in Florida with our configurations. 
  • Low-maintenance: EZ Dock floating docks are made of polyethylene for superior durability. They won’t rot, splinter or require a fresh paint job, and they can withstand tropical storms.
  • Environmentally friendly: We don’t use foam-filled or treated wood because of its negative impact on the environment. Our floating docks will not leave debris or chemicals in the water, and all pieces are 100% recyclable. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection will thank you.

Types of Floating Docks Available

EZ Dock floating docks are valuable to all types of people and applications, such as:

  • Residential: Make your waterfront home the place to be for all water-related activities. Build your dock with our dock sections and add pieces like PWC ports and kayak launches to make all your water hobbies accessible. 
  • Commercial: Our dock sections can help you build docks at hotels, restaurants, housing developments and marinas. With all the possible dock configurations, your commercial dock can be a spot for boats or a picturesque outdoor seating area.
  • Government: With Florida’s many bodies of water, government organizations like Parks and Recreation and law enforcement need to find ways to make this water accessible. Parks and Recreation can turn to EZ Dock for our floating dock walkways to turn water into a walkable nature spot. For law enforcement, our EZ BoatPort® and PWC port can make it easier to patrol the waters.
  • Industrial: The bodies of water in the state pose challenges for industrial operations, from working on the water to pump requirements. EZ Dock offers a solution to these challenges. Our dock sections allow industrial operations to create floating work platforms, equipment barges and floating pumping stations for the biggest jobs.

The EZ Dock Difference

EZ Dock creates floating dock systems with all users in mind. Whether you’re a homeowner, a government employee or a business owner, you can configure our docks to your needs. Request a quote today for more information or contact a local Florida dealer near you. 

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