Having your home or business on a river allows you to enjoy beautiful waters as they flow past your waterfront property. EZ Dock is the perfect way to get the most out of riverside living. Our floating river docks can handle the unique challenges presented by fluctuating water levels and strong currents. With a nearly maintenance-free dock at the ready, you and your family will have a fun and accessible way to swim, boat, wade or fish in the river’s waters. 

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It’s notoriously tricky installing a dock on a river. When it comes to water levels, rivers are in a constant state of flux. From big rainstorms to dry spells, many variables can significantly change the depth of the water. EZ Dock floating docks can accommodate all these fluctuations, and they’re far more suitable to a river’s underwater surface, which can be uneven, rocky, or mucky.

EZ Dock gives your family a safe place for all your river adventuring needs. Our floating docks are great for:

  • Safe and easy on and off docking for boatscanoes, kayaks and other watercraft
  • Slip-resistant and barefoot-friendly surface to enjoy some swimming
  • Accessible and convenient fishing spot 
  • Beautiful riverfront entertaining spot for friends and family 


Whether your own a riverside home or your business takes advantage of the beautiful, flowing waters, EZ Dock offers unmatched versatility perfect for residential and commercial uses. Let us customize a dock system that’s just right for you. You’ll find incredible benefits when you choose EZ Dock floating river docks:

  • Durability: You need a dock that can stand up to your river’s ever-changing conditions. The first EZ Dock systems have been going strong for over 25 years and counting. 
  • Innovative features: Your EZ Dock can come in countless configurations to suit your exact docking needs. 
  • Exceptional stability: With a floating dock, you are always the same height away from the water so that your family can enter and exit safely and easily. 
  • Low maintenance: Our docks can be used year-round, and they require little maintenance.  
  • Easy to install and remove: Not only does EZ Dock provide easy installation, but our dock systems are easily removed and stored during the off-season or in severe weather and water conditions. 
  • Eco-friendly: EZ Dock river dock systems reduce your environmental footprint and won’t release harmful substances into the river. 

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If you’re looking for the perfect dock solution for your riverfront property, it doesn’t get any better than EZ Dock. Request a quote for your customized floating river dock today. 

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