Choose EZ Dock Systems for Waterfront Hotels and Resorts 

Many top hotels and resorts in the country and around the world already have EZ Dock systems. EZ Dock is an ideal solution for resorts and hotels and one of the best investments you can make. Each innovative product offers guests an even better experience at your resort or hotel by enhancing all their favorite waterfront activities, including swimming, boating and PWC.

Here are just a few of the advantages of adding floating docks to your waterfront locale. Our docks are:

  • Adaptable: Because EZ Dock offers a modular dock system, you can easily customize your design to design a perfect waterfront retreat. You can create boat-docking spaces for guests, expand waterways and add dock sections, PWC ports, EZ Launch® Residentials and more.
  • Scalable: Our solutions are also scalable. As you acquire more property or expand your business, EZ Dock allows you to expand your resort dock systems, too.
  • Safe and barefoot-friendly: With EZ Dock, there’s less risk of liability from slip and fall accidents. There are no nails or splintering wood, and the slip-resistant texture stays cooler even on hot days, making it comfortable for walking on bare feet.
  • Low maintenance: EZ Dock solutions are designed to stand the test of time with virtually no maintenance. They’re easy to clean, and you won’t have to worry about environmentally unfriendly chemicals from treated lumber getting into the local waterways. Our durable, high-quality docks allow you to spend less time on maintenance and more time catering to your guests’ needs.

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Enhance Waterfront Outdoor Areas with EZ Dock Solutions 

Our modular docks can be configured in countless ways, whether you want your dock to have a traditional rectangular configuration, an L-shape or a T-shape. Our local dealers and helpful team are here to help you create an outdoor area that will optimize your waterfront space and provide your guests with a perfect spot for swimming, boating, fishing and swimming. 

Plus, with the addition of these EZ Dock products, you’ll bring an unforgettable experience to your water enthusiasts:

  • Swimming platforms: A safe and accessible swimming platform gives guests a place to rest and recoup before another lap in the water. 
  • PWC docks and launches: EZ Port offers unparalleled ease for docking and launching the most popular PWCs, including WaveRunners, Jet Skis and Sea-Doos. Our new EZ Port 280 is the widest pork on the market offering an additional 10′ of walking space.
  • Boat lifts: Keep boats high and dry. With our boat docks for hotels, all vessels will be ready to go for their next excursion on the open water.
  • EZ Launch® Residentials: Our flexible, easy-to-use EZ Launch makes getting in and out of kayaks or canoes easier than ever for your guests.
  • EZ Trail: Create a safe and durable traversing platform so visitors can enjoy nearby wetlands without disturbing the local wildlife.
  • Dock accessories: From cozy benches to fun dock slides, we offer a wide variety of accessories so you can fully customize your EZ Dock system.

Learn More About EZ Hotel Floating Docks

To keep your guests safer, EZ Dock offers slip-resistant and highly stable docks. In addition, our dock solutions are built to last, so your investment has more time to net you returns. In fact, our docks are popular with resorts and hotels because our systems even withstand strong winds and storms, meaning they can last for many years. With our low-maintenance design, you will not be committing to complex repainting and maintenance schedules with EZ Dock. If you’re ready to improve your guests’ experience and waterfront property aesthetic – all while providing a strong return on investment, contact your nearest EZ Dock dealer today. Or, utilize our convenient online dock designer to visualize a new dock in your space. 

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