Available Floating Boat Docks for Sale

EZ Dock offers multiple floating modular dock options to serve the needs of various boat owners.

Dock Sections

Our floating dock sections provide a modular solution. The individual modules are available in multiple shapes and sizes, giving you a wide range of configuration options. Heavy, extra-thick walls deliver optimal strength. The innovative chamber design keeps the sections stable when adapting to fluctuating water levels.

Dock Packages

We offer comprehensive floating modular dock packages you can configure in multiple ways, including I-, L- and T-shaped structures. We can also help you create a custom design for your waterfront property.

Low Profile Dock

Do you need to create a lower dock for swimming, rowing, fishing or boating? This docking solution features a patented design that provides a safe, functional platform for entering and exiting the shells. You can also reconfigure it to accommodate various rowing events. 

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What Are the Benefits of Floating Modular Docks?

An EZ Dock floating dock system provides a host of benefits to waterfront property owners and boaters:

  • Adaptability: The tides rise and fall, which causes water depths to vary. Floating docks self-adjust to the changing levels, ensuring safe, consistent watercraft access.
  • Versatility: The configurable design of floating docks provides more customization options, enabling you to tailor them to your unique docking needs. Relocate, reposition or remove them quickly and easily.
  • Exceptional watercraft protection: Floating docks feature sturdy polyethylene construction and the ability to rise and fall with water levels. These combined factors minimize a floating dock’s risk of damage due to inclement weather and other hazardous conditions.
  • Easy installation: You can set up and configure the modules without pilings or supporting substructures, which saves time and labor during installation. The process can take less than a day as a do-it-yourself project. 
  • Low maintenance: Unlike traditional stationary wood docks, floating docks do not require time-consuming repairs like replacing boards and removing rusty nails. The high-quality polyethylene material can last 20 years or more with little upkeep.

Why Work With EZ Dock?

EZ Dock is proud to be the premier floating dock company in the USA. Since our founding by two water enthusiasts in 1991, we’ve helped multiple residential, commercial, industrial and government clients enjoy easier and safer access to the water. Our vast selection of premium products ensures you can find the best solution for your location and environmental conditions. Our floating modular docks also come with an industry-leading 10-year warranty, ensuring your dock will serve you for years to come. 

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