Whether you enjoy canoeing or soaking up the sun’s warm rays, if your home or business is near the water, you need a dock that allows you to take full advantage of your property. At EZ Dock, discover practical and attractive floating docks in Texas built by and for water enthusiasts. 

Advantages of EZ Dock Products in Texas

Texas is home to an array of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The Gulf of Mexico also borders the coastal region of South Texas, and some communities, like Cedar Creek Lake, have vacation lake houses and cabins with their own private docks. Overall, this state offers endless opportunities for individuals to enjoy water activities.

For more than 26 years, EZ Dock has been serving neighborhoods and cities throughout the Texas area, providing custom dock floats that are built to last. Unlike traditional wood docks, our products won’t split or have exposed nails. 

Wood docks also need ongoing maintenance, like staining, to keep them safe and looking their best. Meanwhile, our polyethylene docks feature an innovative coupling design made from recycled rubber. They are durable, slip-resistant and maintenance-free, making it easier for you to spend more time out on the water. EZ Dock systems are built to withstand even the harshest weather, staying intact and not needing any replacement planks. 

Along with being environmentally friendly, our docks offer unbeatable flexibility and strength. The innovative design and quality materials mean you’ll be enjoying your floating dock for years to come.

Design the Perfect Dock for Your Needs

A custom floating dock is one of the smartest investments you can make for your waterfront home or business. Here at EZ Dock, we can create docks for individuals in countless applications and industries, including: 

  • Homeowners: Whether it’s your residential or vacation home, having a comfortable, reliable dock makes it possible for you to create memories with friends and family. From boating adventures to swimming, enjoy more time outdoors with residential docks.
  • Business owners: Give your clients and customers a place to hang out, swim or boat with a commercial dock system. You can add one of these systems to everything from restaurants and hotels to fisheries and marinas. No matter where you install it, this dock will add long-term property value to your business. 
  • Government officials: Local, state and federal agencies also have access to top-quality docks that can be built and configured to your specifications. Our government docks are helpful for areas like parks and recreation, law enforcement and emergency management.
  • Industrial managers: Even with tough, heavy use, experience peace of mind knowing our industrial docks can stand up to your tasks day after day. With solutions that can be configured as floating pumping stations or motorized barges for military applications, you’ll have access to floating docks that will work as hard as you do. 

Discover the EZ Dock Difference

Looking for floating boat docks for sale in Texas? We invite you to learn more about our customized solutions and experience the EZ Dock difference. Get started today by requesting a quote or contacting your local Texas dealer near you.