Floating Dock Systems in Louisiana

Are you looking for a dock that will meet your needs? EZ Dock has the solution. We are enthusiastic innovators who go against the grain to develop cutting-edge docking solutions for Louisiana's shoreline. Our polypropylene docks last years without warping, bending or breaking. Our docks are also UV-protected to prevent fading and do not absorb heat, allowing you to go barefoot without discomfort. Boat docks are ideal for boating, fishing or watching fireworks displays on the water. Find a local distributor to start designing your custom solution.

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Benefits of EZ Dock Products in Louisiana

If you live or work in Louisiana, you’re familiar with the state’s abundance of ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Take out your boat or kayak to explore the stunning Caddo Lake, rent a boat for deep-sea fishing or take a guided river tour. If your property lies along the water, EZ Dock provides docking solutions to help you make the most of it.

Our products are:

  • Easy to maintain: We make our floating docks with low-maintenance polyethylene. Because this material does not require painting or staining, you can install your floating dock and start using it right away. It’s also easy to clean, typically requiring only soap and water.
  • Adaptable: The design of floating swimming and boating docks makes them less vulnerable to damage during hurricanes and other harsh weather. Because they move with the water, floating docks have built-in storm protection.
  • Customizable: Modular floating dock sections are readily expandable and available in various configurations. You can create and alter your floating dock based on your needs and your property.
  • Eco-friendly: We build all our docks using recycled rubber and polyethylene. These materials are nontoxic and don’t contribute to chemicals in the water.

Applications for Boat Docks and Boat Lifts in Louisiana

Our floating docks and lifts are helpful in various sectors, including:


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EZ Dock provides modular floating dock systems that adapt to your taste and your space. A durable dock or lift is more than an investment in your residential property — it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

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 EZ Dock’s floating dock solutions are ideal for commercial applications due to their clean appearance and adaptability. With accessories like bumpers and ladders, EZ Dock is the go-to solution for marinas, hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

Elevated platform for pipeline



For decades, our industrial clients have benefited from EZ Dock’s hassle-free solutions, including work platforms of various widths and floating pumping stations. We make our floating docks with long-lasting, low-density polyethylene. This material is highly resistant to acidic and basic conditions.

EZ Dock for Government Boats



Government agencies and parks and recreation departments need durable docks to make Louisiana’s numerous waterfronts accessible. EZ Dock’s floating dock walkways can help municipal governments transform water into a safe, fun environment for more people.

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  • "During hurricane “Georges” and the wind storm from “Mitch,” the docks we bought from you came through the wind and tide with absolutely no damage."

    - Claude E. Owens,Conch Harbor, Key West
  • "Meanwhile, my neighbor to the left found his floating dock in his front yard and the neighbor to the right lost his old floating dock after it slipped over the wood pilings and broke in half."

    - Neale Cosby,Lorton, VA
  • "After much research and many months of investigation, it was clear that the EZ Dock was the clear selection for our eight boat slip marina plus the additional space for our Personal Water Craft, etc."

    - Greg Evans,Smithfield, NC
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Regardless of the type of watercraft you use or the shoreline circumstances at your property, EZ Dock will design a dock that meets your exact specifications. Contact us today and request a quote.

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