3 Water Activities That Are More Like Workouts

Whether you have a lakehouse or make an annual trip to the beach, water activities can make your time there even more memorable. While water activities are fun for everyone, they’re also a fun way to sneak in a workout. Take a look at these water activities and how you can use them to burn calories.

1. Wakeboarding

While it might take a minute to get yourself upright, wakeboarding is a full-body workout for anyone willing to try. As you ride a wakeboard behind a speeding boat, you have to keep your core tight, work against water resistance and maintain a firm squatting position. The adrenaline from wakeboarding is enough to keep you coming back for more.

If you spend an hour out on the water, you can also benefit from up to 500 calories while wakeboarding.

2. Surfing

When you want to free yourself from a boat tether, surfing is also an excellent full-body workout. Think about the steps that come with surfing — diving under the waves, pushing yourself up to stand and balancing as you ride a wave. Each of these steps requires a different muscle group, from your legs and arms to your core. 

Like any water sport, there’s a learning curve to surfing, but you get to have fun along the way. Calories burned surfing can range from 150 to 250 calories an hour at a basic level. If you hone your skills and learn some cool tricks, you may get an even better workout.

3. Kayaking

Kayaking may seem tame compared to wakeboarding or surfing because you get to sit down, but it still targets several muscle groups. Rowing works your arms, shoulders and back, and you need your core for stability. Even if you take a kayak out on a small lake, you can get a fantastic workout by rowing the perimeter.

How many calories do you burn kayaking? With the wide range of motion you get on a kayak, you can burn about 340 calories an hour at a steady pace.

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