6 Resolutions to Spend More Time Outdoors

As we ring in the new year, we face endless possibilities for how we can change our habits and improve ourselves over the next 365 days. Some resolve to read more, eat healthier, or learn a new skill.

This year, consider making resolutions to spend more time outside.

Experiencing the Great Outdoors

There are a lot of reasons people don’t spend enough time outside. Maybe you can’t find the time, or perhaps you’re just not an outdoorsy person and don’t know what to do when you get outside. Regardless of the obstacles between you and nature, there are a lot of benefits to spending time outdoors.

Spending time in nature can have vastly positive impacts on your mental and physical health. Breathing in the fresh air and soaking up Vitamin D clears your mind, helps you think, and improves your overall mood.

No matter how busy you are, you’ll want to clear some time in your schedule to reap the benefits of the great outdoors.

6 Tips for Spending Time in Nature

It’s easier to set a goal when you have some inspiration. Here are some tips to help you make resolutions and figure out how to get outside more.

1. Find a New Outdoor Hobby

Hobbies are a great way to de-stress and do something you enjoy. In the new year, resolve to find a new hobby that takes you outside.

Find some local hiking trails or take up a new outdoor sport like kayaking or fishing. If you’re feeling creative, try your hand at nature photography or drawing landscapes.

2. Work Outside

There will always be work to get done, but there’s no rule that says it has to happen indoors. If you have the opportunity to work on a laptop or with physical paperwork you can take outside with you, take advantage of the opportunity to work outdoors for a while.

3. Discover New Ways to Exercise

The new year is the perfect time to form new habits like exercising regularly. Find new, more enjoyable ways to get in a workout outside for added benefits. 

Activities like canoeing, kayaking, riding a bike, or hiking are excellent full-body exercises — and they’re fun.

4. Explore More

Lots of people don’t spend time outside because they don’t think they live in a pretty area. Instead, resolve to spend more time outside exploring. 

You can check out local parks, lakes, and hiking trails, or take long weekend trips to campsite and nature preserves. You may be surprised how many cool nature spots are near you!

5. Stop and Smell the Roses

Spending time in nature is the ultimate stress reliever. Getting outside is the perfect opportunity to step away from whatever is worrying you and slow everything down.

Take time to get outside and appreciate nature, even if it’s just for a few minutes. There’s nothing like seeing a sunset over the water or taking a moment to admire the local flora.

6. Take Time Away From Tech

If you’re always finding yourself sucked into screens, you’re not alone. Our brains get used to the anxiety of being constantly in demand and connected.

Take some time away from your technology by going outside for a bit. Breathe in the fresh air and reset your brain.

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