6 Accessories Every Boat Dock Should Have

Your dock is more than just a place to keep your boat. You need to use it every time you want to enjoy the water, so why not upgrade it with some essential features that improve its functionality and safety? 

Must-Have Dock Accessories

Below, explore some essential floating dock accessories every water lover should have on hand:

1. Dock Storage Boxes

With dock storage boxes, you can be sure everything you need is already close by. Store life vests, ropes and other equipment so you don’t need to haul it back and forth between outings. The EZ Dock storage box mounts to your dock and consists of weather-resistant materials. Don’t have much extra dock space? Our corner storage box helps you make the most of your available room. You can padlock both options for extra security.

2. Dock Cleats

Tie your boat up securely with sturdy boat cleats. Your cleats should be strong enough to hold large loads and big enough for your line. In general, your docking line should be 1/8 inch in diameter for every 9 feet of boat length. Your cleat should be 1 inch for every 1/16 inch of line diameter. Bigger cleats are better, and you can even use multiple.

3. Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are incredibly important in protecting your boat and dock. Your boat is bound to run into the dock at some point, whether because of a driving error or a strong current. You can minimize damage with dock bumpers. Even the smallest impacts can cost hundreds of dollars in repairs to your dock or boat, but bumpers can absorb the shock. Simply place them anywhere there could be a collision. Use dock edging for low-impact areas where your boat may rub against the dock. 

4. Dock Swim Ladders

Make it easy to get in and out of the water or your watercraft by installing swim ladders. They make the water much more accessible and allow everyone to climb out safely. The sturdy EZ Dock swim ladder is textured and slip-resistant and has no exposed hardware, so you can be sure it’s a safe option.

5. Dock Lighting

Dock lights are an essential safety feature even if you don’t use your dock in the early morning or evening. They protect you from the hazards of being unable to see and safeguard your dock by making sure other boaters can see it.

6. Benches

Benches are great dock accessories for simply enjoying the water when you’re not swimming or boating. Whether you need to take a break or are supervising others, sit comfortably on an EZ Dock polyethylene bench. These benches are easy to clean and can come with armrests with cup holders.

Shop Dock Accessories

With over 26 years of experience, EZ Dock is the best investment you will ever make in your waterfront property. We design our products to give you the best experience possible in the water. Check out our EZ Dock accessories and request a quote to invest in these functional and safe dock essentials! 

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