4 Tips for Throwing a Boat-Themed Birthday Party

Throwing a nautical birthday party can be a fun experience for children and adults. How do you throw the best boat birthday parties? There are numerous things to consider. Many birthday party elements can be boat-themed or related to water, lakes and oceans. Follow the tips below to start planning a boat-themed party:

1. Party Decor and Supplies With a Nautical-Theme

Proper decor can make a boat-themed birthday party come together whether you’re hosting on your dock, at your lake house or somewhere by the water. Some nautical-themed items you can use as party decorations include:

  • Fishing nets.
  • Nautical-themed banners.
  • Boat-themed garland.
  • Boat, ocean or beach balloons.
  • Seashell centerpieces.
  • Nautical dinnerware.

2. Food and Desserts On Theme

Arguably one of the best parts of a party is the food and desserts. Rather than buying typical food from the store, try buying or making your cuisine with a nautical twist? You don’t have to be a chef to put together boat, beach or water-themed foods. For easy food and desserts, try:

  • Asking your local bakery or grocery store to make a nautical cake.
  • Assembling a fruit and vegetable platter in the shape of palm trees or anchors.
  • Baking cookies that look like seashells, anchors or lighthouses with cutters or molds.
  • Buying nautical cupcake liners and cake toppers.

3. Activities Related to Boats or Water

Fun activities at a birthday party can entertain you and your guests no matter your age. Nautical-themed activities to include at your birthday party include:

  • Nautical or beach photo booths.
  • Treasure hunts.
  • Tic-tac-toe with seashells.
  • Beach or ocean-themed movies.
  • Message in a bottle.
  • Swimming or other water activities.

4. Nautical Party Favors

Many people enjoy giving out party favors to their guests. You can buy or craft nautical favors for your boat-themed party.Some ideas for unique boat-themed party favors are:

  • Nautical candy bar wrappers for miniature candies.
  • White mints that resemble life preservers.
  • Boat, ocean or beach sticker sheets for children.
  • Anchor-shaped keychains or Christmas ornaments.

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