Top Cities to Watch Fireworks on the Water

Watching firework displays is a classic Independence Day tradition. Year after year, Americans of all ages love the experience of seeing the sky light up with fireworks in different colors and designs. Start a new tradition by gathering your friends and family and enjoying your Fourth of July celebration on the water. With a natural backdrop and fireworks reflecting in the water, you’ll be amazed by the experience.

Best Firework Shows for the Fourth of July 

Here’s our list of some of the best boat-friendly cities to watch fireworks on the water. 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Boston Pops offers a combination of free concerts and spectacular firework displays. The concert is performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra and welcomes guest performers each year as well. After the concert, you can enjoy their world-famous firework display along the Charles River. 

Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake, which is Colorado’s largest natural lake, offers the perfect backdrop for a night filled with music and firework displays. This setting is also near Rocky Mountain National Park, providing nature lovers with an unforgettable experience.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

With the Dueling Barges’ Show, private boaters will be able to enjoy a friendly firework competition. Each year, two different firework crews set off their own displays and try to outperform the other. With patriotic music playing in the background, this duel will put you in a festive spirit. 

Chicago, Illinois 

Set sail and experience a spectacular on-the-water firework show in Chicago. You’ll be able to see the city skyline lit up by bursts of color as you and your family leisurely boat on Lake Michigan.

Seattle, Washington 

This firework display, which is part of the Seafair Summer Fourth, can be viewed from anywhere on Lake Union. Find your favorite spot, sit back and get ready to enjoy unforgettable fireworks. 

Miami, Florida 

South Florida is a popular area for boaters due to the many scenic waterways. You’ll have plenty of boat-friendly firework options throughout the area ranging from the Miami Marine Stadium to the Fire on the Fourth Festival.

New York, New York 

The Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks is the largest firework display in the United States. This is something you definitely won’t want to miss, especially if you have a boat and can find a spot along the East River. 

Lake Tahoe, California

Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Lights on the Lake celebration allows you to take in the spectacular display anywhere along Lake Tahoe. It can also be viewed from the Timber Cove Marina, Nevada Beach and El Dorado Beach. 

Washington, D.C. 

What better place to see fireworks than Washington, D.C.? You can head out on the Potomac River and enjoy one of the best firework displays on the Fourth of July. 

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