Top 4 Water Activities for Thrill-Seekers

While sailing and fishing are fun, exploring water activities for adrenaline junkies can offer an exciting change of pace. Try one of the water sports below if you want to add a bit of adventure to your next outing on the water.

1. Extreme Kayaking

Traditional kayaking is a calming adventure. Thrill-seekers can take it to the level with extreme kayaking. With extreme kayaking, your goal is to ride the whitewater rapids inside your kayak.

There are several different types of whitewater kayaking:

  • River running: This is great for those new to the sport. Your main objective is to maneuver your kayak through varying degrees of rapids down a river. 
  • Playboating: This form of extreme kayaking involves performing tricks in a single rough patch of water. 
  • Creeking: This activity involves traversing extremely steep, low-volume whitewater.

2. Jet Boating

Jet boats are another way to have fun out on the water. Jet boats can reach much higher speeds than other boats.

Jet boats are great for fast cruising or entering a jet boat race. Tourism on this type of boat is gaining popularity worldwide, with popular destinations like Miami and Niagra Falls.

You can also use a jet boat to perform fun tricks on the water, like the “Hamilton,” otherwise known as a jet spin. To achieve this maneuver, you cut the throttle and turn the wheel sharply, then reignite the throttle, spinning the boat rapidly. 

3. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a water activity that combines elements of other water sports. Like water skiing, you’ll need to hold on to a rope attached to a motorboat ahead of you. You’ll balance on top of a wakeboard, and as the driver begins to move the boat, you will glide forward along the surface of the water.

Skilled wakeboarders will often try to perform tricks over the boat’s wake. You can jump, flip and spin, among other tricks, as you become more skilled.

4. Parasailing

This activity lets you float above the water. When parasailing, you can view the water from above while gliding through the air. You’ll be strapped into a parasail attached to the boat by a tow rope. When the driver starts moving forward, the momentum lifts you into the air.

When you go parasailing, you may not even get wet. Often, you take off and land right on the boat itself, giving you a secure and dry adrenaline-filled activity. If you want to feel the water as the parasail ride ends, the crew on your boat can let your feet dip in the water for an extra element of fun. 

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