The Best Beach Games for Adults and Kids

The best beach games for adults and kids to play

Beachgoers and waterfront property owners usually enjoy soaking up the sun in the sand or reading on the dock. But occasionally, you might prefer to mix things up with a set of family-friendly beach games. Here are some of our top picks for the best beach games for adults and kids! 


TidalBall is like cornhole for the beach. Dig your course into the sand, then toss the wooden ball! Each time a player lands the ball in a hole, they receive three points. The only rule is there are no hard and fast rules. 


Pickleball is a combination of ping pong, tennis and badminton. It’s easy to learn and fun for all skill levels. Using a wiffle ball and paddle, bat the wiffle ball back and forth to earn points. 


Spikeball is a lot like volleyball. Place your net in the center of two teams, then serve the ball. Each team is allowed three bumps to get the ball into the net. There are no boundaries, allowing you to dive for the ultimate save. 

Kan Jam

Kan Jam is a fan favorite frisbee game. Divide into two teams, and place a team member at each goal. When someone throws the frisbee, it’s their teammate’s job to deflect it into the goal. 

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a lot like horseshoes — but with balls! The jack ball acts as the “stake,” and the objective is to land your team’s balls as close to it as possible to earn points. 


Cornhole is just as fun as it is challenging. First, space the cornhole boards 27 feet apart. Then, try to land the sacks into the board’s hole or on its surface for points. The winner is determined using a net scoring system. 

Beach Volleyball

Volleyball is a fantastic beach game for adults. It requires no equipment apart from the ball because most beaches have pre-set nets beachgoers can use. 


Frisbee is a fun pastime for kids of all ages. You’ll need an open space, a lightweight frisbee and a partner — even if it’s the four-legged kind. 

Sandcastle Contests

You can create detailed sandcastles with some basic tools — or just your hands! With a shovel, dig a trench for storing water and challenge your friends and family to a sandcastle duel. 

Water Fight

If you love paintball, you’ll love waging war with water. Gather all your favorite water-dispensing toys or fill some balloons for a water balloon fight. The only objective is to avoid getting soaked.

Stone Skipping

Pick a flat, smooth stone, and toss it sidelong into the water to see how many skips you can make. Tally points to compete with your loved ones. 

Kite Flying

Kites are especially fun for younger children, but the serenity of flying a kite on the beach is an easy way to relax in the sun for adults.


Place your stakes about 40 feet apart, and toss your horseshoes like you would in bocce ball! The goal is to wrap the horseshoe around the stake for the most points. 

Hacky Sack 

You can play hacky sack alone or bounce the bag between a circle of people. Hacky sack isn’t as easy as it looks, which will inspire laughter and fun with the more people you involve in the game. 


Limbo is a competitive game that’ll keep everyone laughing. Everyone takes turns dipping backward beneath a progressively lowered pole. If the player falls or bumps the stick, they lose! 

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