How to Have a Low-Maintenance Marina 

Marinas play significant roles in our communities. Many waterfront communities depend on marinas to create an enjoyable boating experience for residents and guests. Marinas have a responsibility to maintain clean and dependable facilities for the public. Here are four marina care tips to help you keep your space primed for the public year-round. 

Top Four Marina Maintenance Tips 

As a marina owner, you want to take excellent care of your space for the benefit of others. Follow these four tips for taking care of your marina:

1. Establish Policies for Boaters at Your Facility

Make sure your boaters understand best practices for waste containment and disposal, vessel sewage, petroleum control and vessel cleaning and maintenance. When your boaters practice safe vessel maintenance and waste containment, you will not have to clean up as many messes and spills around your marina. Establishing rules that govern the cleanliness of your space will also save you from commercial cleaning expenses down the line. That’s why it’s essential to ensure your boaters understand your policies.

2. Keep Up With Regular Maintenance on Your Engines 

Taking care of your engines helps reduce the need for future repairs and emergency maintenance. By keeping up with your marina’s engines, you can help prevent issues from occurring in the future, which will save you both time and money. To best maintain your boats, be mindful of backsplash, fill tanks to no more than 90% capacity, fill portable tanks ashore, wipe up all spills immediately and take it slow when starting and finishing fueling. 

3. Enforce a No Swimming Rule 

As a marina owner, it’s essential to warn guests about the dangers of electric shock drowning. Hang “No Swimming” signs around your docks to inform guests of this danger. 

Boats and docks have electric components, and sometimes these power sources leak charges into the water. Make sure to have an electrician examine your marina’s equipment on a routine basis. Informing guests, employees and boaters of the dangers of swimming in a marine helps ensures they stay safe. As a result, you can help keep your marina low-maintenance and suitable for visitors. 

4. Incorporate Low-Maintenance Docks, Lifts and Walkways 

Aluminum docks require consideration of mold and rust, while wooden docks need regular maintenance. On the other hand,plastic or polyethylene docks require virtually no maintenance and simply need regular cleanings with soap and water to retain their beauty and longevity. When stain removal is needed, household degreasing agents and deck cleaners can do the trick.

Unlike wooden docks, polyethylene docks will not splinter or rot. They are some of the most reliable waterfront solutions for both saltwater and freshwater environments. If part of a polyethylene dock becomes damaged, it can easily be replaced without the need for an entirely new structure.

Learn How EZ Dock Can Help You Take Care of Your Marina

There are few things more important than a maintenance-free, barefoot-friendly dock for maintaining the integrity of your marina. At EZ Dock, our marina docks, walkways and lifts are customizable and require less maintenance than other dock solutions. Our polyethylene docks are easy to maintain and stand up to rust and splintering. 

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