How to Clean and Maintain Your Dock

Do you own a boat or PWC? You probably take great pride in protecting and preserving your investment. While you’re taking care of your boat, you’ll also want to ensure your dock remains in peak condition. Regular dock maintenance and cleaning will keep it looking great and offer a host of additional benefits. 

Why You Need to Clean Your Boat Dock

Keeping your boat dock clean and well-maintained is essential for many reasons.

Promotes Safety

Boat docks accumulate dirt and grime that pose a slipping hazard. If you own a wood dock, the planks can eventually rot or develop protruding nails that cause harm. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent these issues and reduce any liability from injuries.

Maximizes Aesthetic Appeal

On a waterfront property, your dock should add to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Cleaning it ensures it will contribute to the attractive appearance you’re striving to maintain. You’ll be proud to show it off to your visitors as your board your watercraft. 

Reduces Ownership Costs

Routine dock maintenance can prevent potentially costly repairs and maximize the structure’s life span. You’ll increase the likelihood that you won’t need to replace or rebuild the dock while you’re the property owner. 

Helpful Dock Cleaning Tips

Following these steps can ensure success when cleaning your dock:

  • Conduct an inspection: Before you clean your dock, look for splintered or rotted boards, rusted nails and significant stains. Remedy all these issues before you begin the cleaning process.
  • Apply a cleaning solution: Loosen up caked-on dirt and debris by applying a gentle soap. You don’t have to use a commercial product filled with harsh chemicals that could contaminate the water. 
  • Scrub the surface: If your dock contains some stubborn stains, you can use a long-handled brush to scrub them before proceeding to the next step. 
  • Pressure wash the dock: Pressure washing enables you to blast away dirt and debris. You can also adjust the setting to the material — consider a lower psi range if cleaning delicate wood, for instance, and a more intense volume for concrete docks.
  • Add a stain or sealant: Depending on the dock material, you may also want to apply a protective coating to preserve it and enhance its appearance.

EZ Dock Makes It Easy to Maintain and Clean Your Dock

If you choose to install an EZ Dock floating dock, you can skip many of the steps in the cleaning process. Our products consist of virtually maintenance-free polyethylene. You won’t have to worry about pretreating, scrubbing or sealing. In most cases, all you’ll need is a pressure washer or brush, a mild cleaning agent and water for a quick-fix solution. You also don’t need to replace planks or deal with rusty nails. 

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