EZ Dock Floating Docks Are Sea Lion Approved

Sea Lions and EZ Dock

Newport sits along Oregon’s central coast. The city is home to many attractions, satisfying art lovers, foodies and every visitor in between. But the area’s most unique tourist attraction is its sea lions, which have cozied up on EZ Dock floating dock systems. That’s right — we’re sea lion-approved! 

What Are the Newport Sea Lions?

These sea lions are a staple in the area and have been for years — there’s even a website dedicated to them. For 11 months out of the year, male sea lions call Port Dock One home. Locals and tourists call this place Bachelor Row.

The sea lions of Newport lounge and sleep on the port’s rocks and docks. Tourists naturally took notice of the place becoming a regular habitat. They also noticed when the docks were gone, along with the area’s sea lions. 

Over time, the original dock succumbed to the wear of stormy conditions and regular visits from its half-ton visitors. Area businessman Stan Pickens organized Save the Sea Lion Docks in 2012. The nonprofit collected donations and used them to install new docks, which still couldn’t stand up to the challenge. 

After another few rounds of dock replacements, the Newport Sea Lion Docks Foundation found us. With EZ Dock systems in place, the sea lions are back! 

Why the Sea Lions Love EZ Dock

If you’ve ever walked on one of our floating docks, you know they’re barefoot-friendly and slip-resistant. Combine those qualities with the durability of our dock systems, and you’ve got a platform that can support several hundred pounds of happy sea lions.

EZ Dock systems are also easy to install, meaning the sea lions could get back to lounging sooner. Our docks can last 20 years or longer, too — Newport’s tourists will enjoy their longevity as much as the animal visitors.

EZ Dock Product Quality and Eco-Friendliness

We strive to have a low environmental impact at EZ Dock. That means making products that are safe for the creatures and plants who call the waters their home.

Other docks are often made of wood or foam-filled materials that can leach harmful substances like copper, chromium or arsenic into the water. We make our dock systems with rubber couplers and polyethylene sections. These materials don’t harm the environment, and they’re recyclable at approved facilities.

Our docks also offer optimal light availability to the underwater plants below, helping sustain the food chain for the sea lions in Newport, Oregon, and aquatic creatures everywhere. It’s no surprise our environmentally friendly products have earned us the sea lion seal of approval.

Learn More About Our Floating Docks

While you probably don’t have sea lions to accommodate, you might have boats, kayaks, canoes, friends or family to get on the water. That’s where EZ Dock comes in. Our floating docks, lifts, launches and ports are made to last. Request a quote today to get this sea lion-approved eco-friendly system for yourself!