How to Pick the Best Fishing Spot

Finding the right fishing spot can set you up for months of enjoyment. You want to find a place where you have enough privacy and aren’t too far out in the wilderness in case you might need help. You may need to scout several locations before you find the right one. 

We’ve made a checklist of considerations to think about as you search for your spot. Use it to find a place where you can enjoy yourself for hours:

1. Pick a Species

The right location depends on what type of species you want to pursue. For example, if you’re going to fish for bass, you should pick a shallow cove. Does your fish species prefer: 

  • Warm or cold water?
  • Deep or shallow water?
  • Fresh or salty water?

Your fish may also like to hide in a certain type of vegetation — keep this in mind.

2. Research the Season 

Depending on the season, the water temperature could impact the behavior of the fish. Observe how their movements and feeding habits change when the water grows colder, and adjust your own behavior based on those developments. If the water becomes too cold for fish to swim in, it may not be the best fishing area. 

3. Get a Topographic Map

You don’t want any surprises when you’re out fishing. You want to anticipate everything you may find in the wilderness. A good map can give you the information you need about the water and help you determine where to go. 

Consult Google Earth to see the entire outline of your chosen body of water and determine where the deep and shallow areas are. You may be able to see docks or vegetation — places where fish tend to hide. 

4. Watch for Wildlife 

Fish won’t be the only thing you see on your fishing trip. You may also encounter birds hunting baitfish and other creatures. Plan ahead to determine what you want from the trip. If you like to observe other wildlife, then a densely populated area is ideal, but if you feel wary, try to find a more isolated spot.

5. Search for Structures and Vegetation 

Docks, weeds and other types of cover can provide places for fish to hide, but they also can offer a great way to relax while you fish. Sitting on a dock is more comfortable if you’ll be fishing for an extended period. These surrounding structures can also contribute to the fishing conditions. Muskie and walleye love to hide in ledges, for instance. 

Get the Right Dock Supplies for Your Trip

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