Begin a Free Online Boating-Related Course

With the nice sunny days and warmer weather, you are probably dreaming about getting back on the water. Now’s a good time to refresh some boating knowledge you might have forgotten since last summer or teach yourself new skills ranging from the environmental aspects of boating to strategies for winning boating competitions. 

Regardless of which course you choose, it will help you stay informed and keep you, your passengers and fellow boaters safe when you are out on the water. Best of all, these courses are all self-paced and free.

Online Boating Courses for Beginner and Advanced Boaters

Check out some of the boating courses you can start taking online today.

Boating Basics and Foundations 

Whether you want to refresh boating basics or you’ll be sailing with a beginner, the foundation course from Boat U.S. Foundation is a great place to start. This course offers state-specific boating safety knowledge and skills. This course is also recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and approved by NASBLA. 

Boating Navigation Rules

Whenever you set sail, you need to be aware of the navigation rules so you are a respectful and responsible boater. Boat On Course offers a free course designed to teach you the twelve areas of Navigation Rules. This covers everything from meeting head on to navigation lights. 

Respecting the Environment 

Boat U.S. Foundation offers two free courses for those who are interested in the environmental side of boating. There is a Clean Boating Course along with a Spill Prevention for Marina Staff that will help you learn how to take care of waterways and plan for accidental spills. 

Dealing With Different Types of Weather 

Even if the weather is calm and peaceful when you set sail, it can change unexpectedly. To stay safe, you need to be aware of the basics of weather and how to navigate in different types of weather. With the Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather course, you’ll be able to dive into the science of weather systems and the limits of weather prediction. You can learn about water management and the physics of water systems with the Introduction to Water and Climate course.

Strategies for Competitive Boaters 

For those who prefer to indulge in healthy competition, there are free online boating courses for you as well. Advanced boaters will appreciate the connection between weather and strategies for winning found in the Strategies for Winning: Meteorology in a Round the World Regatta course. Then, you can test out the strategies you’ve learned the next time you enter a boating competition. 

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