5 Ideas to Inspire Your Boat Name

The history of naming boats goes back thousands of years and is filled with many traditions and superstitions. In the past, most sailors decided to name their vessels after their lovers or a god, goddess, or saint. Today, many owners take a creative approach and choose names ranging from pop culture references to a humorous play on words. 

Regardless of how traditional or creative you decide to be, it has always been considered good luck to christen and set sail on a boat with a name. Once you decide on a name, there is a superstition that claims to rename it will bring bad luck. So, choose a name and stick with it!

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How to Name Your Boat

While brainstorming boat name ideas, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of image you want your boat to portray. Your boat’s name can reveal a lot and create a first impression of your personality and lifestyle. For example, are you a seasoned marine sailor, or the life of the party? Remember that no matter the theme, most boat names are short — either one or two words long.

If you are stumped on where to begin, check out our five ideas to inspire your boat name.

1. Personal 

Many boating enthusiasts draw inspiration from areas of their personal life. Maybe you’d like to incorporate a hobby, skill or word related to your career. Do you have a favorite animal or pet? Is there a special place you visited in the past? These can all inspire names that will add a personal touch to your vessel. 

2. Your Family and Ancestry 

You can pay homage to your ancestors by choosing a significant person or event from your family’s past to name your boat. Was one of your family members a politician, inventor or a wartime hero? You could choose something related to a discovery they made or a battle they were in or other memory from their legacy.

3. History 

History offers almost endless sources of inspiration. Do you have a favorite Old Hollywood actor or actress? Maybe you love learning about British monarchs or world scientists. You can use all kinds of historical figures, philosophical ideas and events to inspire a unique boat name.

4. Seafaring Stories and Legends

You can never go wrong with tying your boat’s name to a seafaring story or legend. While traditionally Greek, Germanic and Norse deities were used as names, you can also find plenty of inspiration from sea-related literature, movies or legends. Of course, there are plenty of spooky seafaring stories if you want to add a mysterious touch.

5. Linguistic Words, Puns and Play on Words

Do you have a favorite word, song lyric, poem or book? How about a word that inspires you or means something to you? If you’d prefer to go with something more lighthearted, you can always tie in nautical words and create puns or a fun play on words.

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