5 Activities for the Whole Family on Your Boat

With your family boat, you can experience countless adventures and make memories. To you, boating is a legacy that you want to share and pass down to future generations. If you want to spread your love for boating and being on the water to your children and grandchildren, start by sparking their passion with fun, interactive boating activities.  

Activities To Involve Your Kids and Get Them Passionate About Boating

To continue your family tradition of boating, check out these five activities you can try next time you are boating with family:

1. Watch Sea-Themed Movies 

Get your kids or grandkids interested in boating by gathering up your entire family for a sea-themed movie night. Whether your kids prefer mermaids or pirates, there are plenty of sea-themed movies to choose from. One way to really get kids involved and set the mood is by making a few sea-inspired snacks to go along with the movie. 

2. Play Pirates 

Ahoy, matey! It’s time to send your kids on a swashbuckling adventure that will give them a passion for the sea. To play pirates, create an adventure for your kids to go on. Do they need to locate and battle a dangerous sea creature? Is there buried treasure hidden nearby? Create a map for them and pass it out. Of course, you can’t forget about classic pirate attire like striped shirts, a bandana, temporary tattoos and a plastic sword. 

3. Learn Boating Terminology and Knots While Having Fun

Instead of just teaching your kids what common boating terminology means or how to tie nautical knots, involve them in the learning with fun games. To teach them about boating, you can explain what common terms mean, then play a game of pirate hangman using words like “anchor.” For an interactive nautical knot game first, teach your kids how to tie a few common boating knots. Then, set a timer and have a competition to see who can tie it correctly in the fastest time.

4. Let Them Steer 

Depending on what the rules and regulations are when you are out boating with your family you can let your kids steer for a few minutes. During this time, you can teach them about important boating aspects like the wind and the current that could impact their steering.  

Just like with the pirate game, you can also create missions. Perhaps there has been a shipwreck nearby and you need to rescue the passengers who have fallen overboard. Get creative! Regardless of the mission, your kids will feel proud and accomplished being the captain of the vessel.

5. Get Them Involved in Boat Maintenance and Care

From washing and waxing to learning how to back the trailer on the launch ramp, there is a lot that goes into boat maintenance and care. Allowing your kids to share in the responsibility and be involved in the entire process may spark an interest in boating that can last a lifetime. 

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