12 Tips for the Perfect Beach Day

12 tips for the perfect beach day

Keeping your loved ones safe for a fun, sunny day at the beach starts with some preparation. We believe the perfect beach day begins before you arrive! Learn the best beach hacks for a great day below. 

1. Apply (and Re-Apply) Sunscreen

Fifteen minutes before you head out the door, apply sunscreen. Be sure to re-apply it approximately every hour and a half.

2. Invest in the Right Beach Chairs

A lightweight beach chair — one you can easily fold up and chuck in the back of the car — will save you time and energy if there’s a slight chance of rain. 

3. Bring Water-Resistant Beach Bags

Water-resistant beach bags keep your IDs, electronics and other valuable items dry. We also recommend placing electronics and IDs in plastic bags for an extra measure of protection.

4. Create Shade

Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, but it won’t keep you from overheating. Trees, umbrellas or even sheets propped between objects offer a dry, cool home base. 

5. Hide Valuables

We recommend choosing a beach spot next to a lifeguard if possible. Otherwise, hide your valuables by placing them in obscure locations like coolers or the sand beneath your towel.

6. Know How to Deal With Pests

Avoid biting flies and sand fleas by regularly applying insect repellants and using fans. Make sure to sit on towels in the sand and thoroughly clean up after enjoying sweet treats. Wear a wet suit and talk to lifeguards about jellyfish patterns if you’re in the ocean. 

Avoid biting flies

7. Bring Beach Toys

Don’t forget to pack your kid’s favorite toys. Before heading home, clean toys with a spray bottle containing a 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar. 

8. Keep the Cooler Cold

A simple, cost-effective way to keep your cooler cold for longer is to freeze water bottles. When the water bottles eventually melt, you can drink the water to stay hydrated.

9. Watch for Flags and Signs

Oceans can present safety hazards like dangerous currents, algae or even sharks. Check for warning flags or other signals that warn of potential dangers.

10. Don’t Swim Alone

In addition to watching for crucial safety warnings, always avoid swimming alone in case an emergency occurs while you’re in the water.

11. Bring an Extra Towel

Bring an extra towel per person — one for the sand and one to dry off and stay warm. 

12. Stay Hydrated

Sun, sweat and physical activity will cause electrolyte loss quickly. Bring water bottles for all loved ones and hydrate frequently. 

List of Supplies for Your Perfect Beach Trip

As a recap, we’ve compiled the perfect beach trip packing list based on our 12 essential beach hacks and tips: 

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant
  • Fans
  • Disinfectant and wet wipes
  • Sand toys and cleaners
  • An umbrella or sheet for shade
  • Multiple towels 
  • A cooler, including frozen water bottles

Take the Perfect Beach Day This Summer With These Tips

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