How Can You Keep the Ocean Clean?

If you love trips to the beach, you might want to do your part to keep it clean, but many people are unsure of how to protect the ocean. With the rise in pollution, keeping the ocean clean is vital to protecting sea life and the planet. Learn about some of these easy steps you can take to save the ocean. 

Reduce Single-Use Plastic

We use a lot more plastic than you may realize, and we lack perfect methods for dealing with all the waste. In turn, plastic ends up in the ocean and affects the entire ecosystem, from tiny plankton to fish and sea turtles.

Reducing single-use plastics at home can be a small way to prevent ocean pollution. Instead of buying plastic water bottles at the store, get a reusable glass one. There are many other alternatives to single-use plastics, like bamboo toothbrushes, canvas grocery bags and metal straws.

Cut Back on Pollution

From cars to planes, our fossil fuel vehicles release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. While CO2 damages the ozone layer, the ocean also absorbs a significant portion of it. This absorption leads to higher acidity levels in the water, making it harder for coral and other sea creatures to survive.

Cutting back on polluting travel can help. Rather than driving your car to the cafe a few blocks away, opt for a bike ride or walk instead. For longer trips, choosing to carpool or buying a fuel-efficient vehicle can make a difference. 

Boat and Fish Responsibly

If you’re into water activities like boating and fishing, make sure you follow the rules. No-wake zones and catch and release policies are in effect for a reason. Take care of the environment while you enjoy it, and pay attention to these regulations.

Contribute to Beach Cleanup

Litter on the beach ends up in the oceans, disrupting the ecosystem and hurting sea creatures. Do your part by cleaning up after yourself when you’re on the beach. You might choose to keep a trash bag with you, so you can collect any trash you make or see on the beach. You can also volunteer with beach cleanup groups if you’d like to help out more.

Enjoy the Water With EZ Dock

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