5 Dock Furniture Ideas

A dock on your lakeside property is like an additional room of your house. You’ll likely spend hours down by the water during the warm months, so it makes sense to accessorize your dock with furniture to make it more comfortable. 

Here are five ideas for when you are choosing dock furniture.

1. Include Seating

The classic dock seating strategy is to sit on the edge and dangle your feet into the water, but this can be uncomfortable. Instead, consider buying a bench. Some even come with cup holders! You can also choose dock chairs or couches to create the perfect setup. Be sure to look for weather-resistant styles so that you’ll be able to use them for many years to come.

2. Stay Cool

On days when you want to sit on your dock by the water without being in direct sunshine, an umbrella could be the perfect solution. Most umbrellas are adjustable so that you can tilt them based on the sun’s position. They are also transportable, so you can bring them inside when it’s windy. 

3. Consider Safety

Protection is important, so you should consider adding elements for a safer dock experience. You can install a ladder or stairs into the water for ease of access. That way, your visitors can easily climb in and out of the water. You can also add railings to prevent people from falling in and lights so that everyone can see when it’s dark out.

4. Stay Organized

Keep your water essentials, like life jackets, goggles and water toys, organized and easy to access with storage containers. Many come with locking capabilities, so everything inside will be safe. You can also find styles that function as benches when they’re closed, adding extra efficiency to your space. 

5. Add Some Flair

A dock is your space to kick back and enjoy yourself, so add furniture and details that will make it a place you want to spend time in. You can add tables for playing games or eating by the water, find some weather-resistant pillows for a fun pop of color and comfort or install dock bumpers or mooring arms for your boat. 

Enhance Your Waterfront Design With EZ Dock Products

Your dock will be an extension of your home, so make sure to furnish it so that it’s the best space for your needs. 

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