5 Signs to Replace Your Dock 

Many wooden and aluminum docks are prone to showing signs of wear and tear over the years. Determining if your dock needs repairs or a replacement is paramount to ensuring your safety and the safety of those around you. How can you tell when your dock has reached its expiration date? Here are five signs that it’s time to replace your dock. 

When Should I Replace My Dock? 

Signs to replace your dock include:

1. Foundation Is Damaged

If you find that areas of your dock are cracking, investigate further to see if a larger issue is the culprit. If you find that the underwater foundation is damaged, your dock should be replaced.

2. Rusted Supports and Platforms 

If your boat dock has metal components in the supports or platforms, corrosive salt water will eat away at the metal over time. While small rust spots can often be easily repaired, rust that is prevalent or spread to multiple areas means your dock requires a replacement. 

3. Warps and Cracks in Dock Supports 

Currents and waves can cause your dock to warp over time due to sustained pressure. Constant pressure can even lead to a break or crack in the supports. Other factors such as collisions can also lead to cracking and warping.

Depending on your dock’s material, a few minor cracks in a small area of your dock can be repaired by replacing individual boards or beams. On the other hand, if major load-bearing areas are experiencing breakage in multiple places, your dock will need to be replaced to ensure its safety and structural integrity. 

4. Wood Is Rotting in Several Areas 

Wooden boat docks are prone to rot. If you find the wood is rotting in multiple areas, it’s time for a replacement. It is not uncommon for fungus from the water to create dry rot and decay within wooden components. Sometimes, repairing the damage with new lumber can be a simple fix — if the decay is contained to small areas. However, when the rot shows up in several areas of your dock at the same time, a replacement is warranted. 

5. Loose Decking Boards 

Loose decking boards are easy to spot and will create an unsafe situation for anyone walking on the dock. Because you walk, sit and spend lots of time on your dock, it’s imperative that you address any loose sections immediately. A few loose boards may not require a complete replacement, but more extensive damage could mean it’s time to replace your dock.

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