How to Choose the Best Dog Life Jacket 

Does your canine love to accompany you on the high seas? Some dogs always come along for exciting boating adventures, but it’s imperative to outfit your dog with the proper life jacket to keep it safe. Just like adults and children need life preservers, so do dogs. When searching for and choosing a dog life vest for your pet, make sure to consider the following.

1. Types of Pet Flotation Devices 

There are two different flotation devices: 

  • Life jacket: A jacket provides visibility and buoyancy and covers more of your dog. Dog life jackets are recommended for boating and other water activities. These flotation devices are meant for dogs unable to swim well or are at risk of harsh water conditions.
  • Life vest: A dog life vest is typically lighter than a jacket, covers less of your dog, and is preferred for more casual swimming activities. If your dog has experience swimming or primarily swims in pools instead of large bodies of water such as lakes, you may want to choose a dog life vest.  

2. Dog Life Vest Features 

You should look for certain features when choosing a dog life vest, including: 

  • Life jacket handle: A jacket handle will make it easier to grab hold of your pet if necessary. Because you can use the handle to guide your dog in the water until it feels confident swimming, these jackets make it easier to teach your dog how to swim. A neoprene dog vest with a handle is an excellent option as it enables you to pull your dog out of the water quickly during an emergency. 
  • D-ring: A D-ring lets you attach your pet’s leash to the life jacket. 
  • Bright colors: Look for a life jacket with a reflective strip or one with bright colors or prints, as these features will make it easier to spot your dog in the water. 

3. How to Size a Dog Flotation Vest  

How do you figure out what size life jacket your dog needs? You will need to take the following measurements:

  • Pet length: Measure from the base of your pet’s neck to the bottom of its tail. While dog life jackets will not completely cover long-bodied animals such as dachshunds or corgis, this is acceptable as the dog’s main girth will still be supported.
  • Body girth: Measure the widest part of your dog’s rib cage. Keep in mind the jacket should be formfitting to provide adequate flotation. 
  • Neck girth: Measure the widest part of your dog’s neck. The jacket should not restrict breathing but be tight. 

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The best dog life jacket keeps your pet safe in the water while ensuring your peace of mind. With the right flotation vest, your furry friend will enjoy plenty of exercise and, best of all, stay safe in the water. Plus, you can purchase a storage box for life jackets from EZ Dock to ensure your pet is ready for a swim at any time. 

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