Dock Shapes and Their Uses

If you own a waterfront property, you need a dock where you can stow your equipment when you’re not on the water. A range of different floating dock designs may meet your needs. Which one you choose depends on what you want to use your dock for and where you want to put it. Whether you like to go boating or fishing, you can find the right dock plans for your favorite activities.

4 Types of Dock Shapes and Their Uses

There are four main types of dock shapes, and each has unique advantages. Here’s a more detailed look:

1. L Shape

The L shape is ideal for waterfront property owners with at least two watercraft. You can fit several kinds of boats or personal watercraft (PWCs) at an L-shaped dock, and the dock can be as long as you like and have several mooring locations. It’s easy to navigate into or away from this dock style. You can tie up to three boats at a long L-shaped dock, which is also good for swimming or fishing off the side. 

2. T Shape 

You can dock two boats in the T-shaped dock by extending its top portion. Or, if you live on a smaller body of water, a much shorter T-shape may be the ideal way to load and unload boat passengers. That can give you one large mooring section for a single boat and a space to store several smaller watercraft, such as canoes. 

Either option allows you to load and unload passengers quickly. With this configuration, you also eliminate the open space where your boat could get hit by another watercraft.

3. U Shape 

Watercraft owners who have top-quality boats and want to offer them the most protection often pick the U-shaped option. Your boat sits in the middle of the two sides, giving it greater separation from other vessels in the water. You can also enjoy more dock space for storing your other necessities, such as watersport racks or benches. You can use either side of the dock to moor other watercraft, too. 

4. Straight 

The straight dock provides the most straightforward option. People who plan to spend a lot of time on the dock for activities like sunbathing or fishing often prefer this configuration. You can moor several boats to a straight dock, choosing your length based on how much space you need for watercraft. A straight dock also provides the least-expensive option because it has the simplest design. You’ll enjoy long days playing by the water with this choice.

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Floating docks have many advantages, including keeping you the same height away from the water. If you’re looking for a quality model, EZ Dock sells maintenance-free floating docks in various shapes to fit your needs. Our high-quality products have the strength and durability you need to last for a long time. You can customize your choice to suit your property, selecting a solution that will maximize space and storage. 

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