Greater Stability, For Any Ability

What’s standing between you and the open water? Inexperience? Cold weather? Remove barriers and launch with confidence anytime with our new EZ Kayak Launch.

Using our innovative floating dock design, we’ve engineered a flexible, easy-to-use launch that makes getting into your kayak or canoe quick and simple. No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran who needs a little extra assistance, the EZ Kayak Launch allows people of all skill levels to enter and exit with ease. Best of all, you can extend your season into the cooler months without worrying about wet feet!


  • Integrated paddle notches make launching and docking safe and easy. Paddles stay safely secure while users are getting in or out of the boat, and no added work is needed to keep paddles safe in place.
  • One-piece floating construction rises and falls with fluctuating water levels. This makes it easier for all users to access the dock and the water.
  • V-shaped entry centers your vessel for a consistent, confident launch. Even new kayakers and canoers can feel more confident with the added stability this brings.
  • Seamless connections enable you to connect the launch to any dock (standard floating or traditional fixed). Easy installation lets this conveniently become a part of your existing dock system.
  • Wider format allows you to launch kayaks and canoes.

Your Accessible Kayak Launch Dock

The floating kayak launch with the EZ Launch® System lets you dock kayaks and canoes easily and safely. It also makes your waterway accessible and inclusive, since seniors, those with disabilities and even children can use this kayak dock launch. Features such as launch rollers, guide rails and a floating platform that adjusts to changing water levels give everyone a little more independence and may even allow more people to access the water.

Additionally, the EZ Launch® Accessible Transfer System for kayaks and canoes is an industry first. It goes beyond the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and allows kayakers to sit, slide over and drop into their watercraft. Side rails allow kayakers and canoers to pull themselves off or on the watercraft.

If you’re looking for a more accessible kayak floating dock, contact EZ Dock for kayak dock solutions that fit your needs.