At EZ Dock, we take pride in our innovative solutions for your waterfront property. Enjoy the water the way you want with our maintenance-free and totally customizable docks, ports, launches, lifts and more. Dive in to learn more about the advantages of choosing EZ Dock for your floating dock needs today!

The advantages of choosing EZ Dock

The Advantages of Choosing EZ Dock

Traditional wood docks that decay and cause splinters are a thing of the past. EZ Dock modular docks are safer, longer-lasting and fully customizable to suit your waterfront needs. Whether you need docks and ports for your marina or hotel or you need equipment for personal use, we have you covered.

Check out additional benefits to see the difference EZ Dock makes for your property and learn why we’re the industry leader when it comes to effective docking solutions.


As one of the premier floating dock manufacturers in the world, EZ Dock is the preferred solution for the most discriminating customers. You’ll find EZ Dock products at marinas, resorts, military and government facilities, restaurants, estates, homes and just about everywhere else people want to get into the water.

Whether you want a dock for boating, swimming, kayaking, walking or just enjoying the sun — or all of these uses — EZ Dock can help. Our products include boat docks, boat and PWC ports, boat lifts and kayak/canoe launches, walkways and accessories or add-ons like gangways, railings, anchors and ladders. Get everything you need from our premium distributors.

Environmentally Friendly

At EZ Dock, we avoid using foam-filled and treated-wood products because we know the harm they can cause, from deterioration and debris to chemicals in the water. We’re proud to offer floating docks that are as good for the environment as they are fun and functional.

Our products are made of two materials — polyethylene and recycled rubber. They’re both totally recyclable, so you have peace of mind that your investment is a safe and healthy one. Our non-toxic docks have even been used in research programs that preserve our beloved wetlands and waterways.

Pioneered Design

It’s one thing to be “first-to-market” — it’s another to be “best-in-market.” At EZ Dock, we strive to be both. Why? Because while our team is committed to creating the best floating docks available on the market, we’re even more passionate about improvement. We take our products — and your experience on the water — to the next level.

We work hard to ensure we’re delivering the products you expect with the quality you deserve. Our designs are cutting-edge, as we use the best materials available to craft every port or dockside accessory. Customizable modular dock sections allow you to play a role in our expert designs, too. Just tell us what you need and we’ll work together to create the best configuration for your property.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

The best combination — a reliable dock that will last a long time without constant upkeep and attention. That’s why EZ Dock offers solutions you can enjoy with ease for years to come.

Recycled rubber couplings allow for superior strength and flexibility so even in rough waters or bad weather, each piece of the dock moves independently and keeps the whole structure intact. We even have videos of EZ Dock docks lasting through powerful tropical storms. They’re that strong!

And forget about pressure washing or repeated paint jobs. EZ Dock products are low-maintenance in both fresh- and saltwater environments. Our polyethylene docks don’t rot, splinter or require paint. They’ll also hold up in all kinds of weather, including wind and strong storms, without needing replacement planks or other substitutions.

With EZ Dock, you get to spend more time on the water or growing your business because you won’t need to constantly maintain your dock.


We mold slip-resistant surfaces into our docks at the very start so you can stand firmly. The non-slip grooves on the surface get rid of water so you don’t step in puddles, and the surface protects bare skin on hot days to help reduce the risk of burns.

Say goodbye to splinters or protruding nails — you can leave your shoes on shore! Enjoy sunny days and pleasant nights without hot surfaces or slippery puddles.

Easy to Configure

Our unique coupling design allows you to customize your residential or commercial boat docks to meet your specific requirements. These docks are easy to install and come in various types and sizes you can combine and explore to get the waterfront experience you’ve been looking for.

Your EZ Dock can evolve over time as your needs change with easily configurable products. Start with one of our most frequently used configurations or get in touch with our experts to craft a unique dock perfectly suited to your waterfront needs.

Explore the EZ Dock Advantage today

Explore the EZ Dock Advantage Today

Our worldwide distributor network provides world-class design and installation guidance to make installation and service fast and convenient for every client. And most importantly for many of our customers, our docks are easy to add on to. If you need a boat lift? No problem. Benches, swimming docks, slides, PWC ports? We’ve got them. If you can dream it, we can create it.

Find your nearest EZ Dock distributor to discuss your needs with our team today!