It’s one thing to be “first-to-market”; it’s another to be “best-in-market.” At EZ Dock, we’ve always strived to be both. Why? Because while we’re always driven to make the best floating docks available today; we’re even more passionate about improving our products—and your experience on the water.

Rotomold Technology

Foam is widely used to float docks and other structures on water. These foam fillings break up and can harm the environment. Not EZ Dock. Our rotomolded, marine-grade polyethylene flotation chambers are 100% foam free and built with extra-heavy thick walls to ensure optimal strength and structural integrity. Plus, our innovative chambers and truss frames trap air, creating one of the most stable floating docks you’ll find anywhere.

Powerful Connections

Flexible yet firm. That’s the primary challenge any flotation dock manufacturer faces: How do you design a structure that’s both sturdy and resilient in the face of constantly fluctuating conditions? EZ Dock’s revolutionary connection couplers perform that engineering marvel better than any other, allowing individual sections to move independently while also providing unified firmness throughout.

Product Innovation

EZ Dock’s extensive dealer network—coupled with the passion and drive of our engineers and sales people—inspire us to constantly develop ground-breaking new products. We do it by creating an “innovation loop”: While our dealers install and support our products, they glean valuable customer feedback that our engineers then transform into new additions and improvements. We consult with experts in various fields who help us adhere to regional and local regulations, improve our products and offer you the right options for your specific needs.

To learn more about our product offerings, find your local EZ Dock dealer today.