In today’s world, we all have an ever-increasing responsibility to take care of our environment. EZ Dock’s innovative system is purpose-built to be an eco-friendly alternative to wood and foam-filled docks, which can release harmful substances into their natural surroundings.

Environmentally Friendly & Recyclable

Our floating, modular dock systems are composed of two parts: polyethylene sections and molded rubber couplers. Both components are made from materials that are harmless to the environment and recyclable. In addition, EZ Dock modular sections and boat and PWC lifts offer the following environmentally-friendly benefits:

  • Manufactured with high-performance, general-purpose, UV-stabilized, rotational molding grade resins. (These resins offer a balance of toughness, rigidity, environmental stress crack-resistance, and low-temperature impact performance.)*
  • Suitable for processing by an approved recycling facility, or can be disposed of at any U.S. government-approved waste disposal facility.*
  • Not listed by the EPA as a hazardous waste, nor is it formulated to contain materials that are listed hazardous wastes.*
  • Does not release contaminants when ignited, corroded or through chemical reactions as determined by the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP).
  • Requires no foam filling. Many similar products are filled with foam which can escape if the product is punctured, creating an environmental hazard.
  • Uses no wood products, which could be treated with copper, chromium or arsenic (CCA). (Products that contain CCA can no longer be placed where they are directly in contact with water)
  • Made from 90% pre/post consumer waste recycled rubber, our flexible connection coupler was designed in partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to be an environmentally friendly product.

EZ Dock Environmental Standards for Light Penetration

Sunlight is essential for the survival of many forms of aquatic life. Underwater plants produce their own food via photosynthesis, a process where green plants rely on sunlight to synthesize food from water and carbon dioxide. When fish consume these plants, they receive oxidation from complex molecules that provide energy and help them retain their vibrant colors. 

Marine biologists have long held concerns about whether docks and other overwater structures block essential sunlight and possibly harm aquatic life. A study conducted at Lake Chelan in Washington State attempted to determine the impact of the EZ Dock floating dock system on the lake’s fish and plant life. 

During the study, researchers took light measurements with a waterproof solar cell at a marina on the lake, recording readings over a 90-minute period from late morning until early afternoon. The readings took place at EZ Dock floating docks in three different widths. An H-frame apparatus enabled the team to position the light meter at varying depths and positions during testing. 

The readings occurred at 6-inch depth intervals up to 4 feet. The water temperature was 42 degrees Fahrenheit and the air temperature was 44 degrees. 

Study Findings and Conclusions

The measurements indicated that the light availability under each of the three docks increased with water depth, likely due to the sun angle at that time of day, the docks’ orientation and the low attenuation. The overall light availability reduction was low.

The study concluded that, although a floating dock system could adversely affect the underwater ecosystem in a lake or other large water body, a properly designed and installed structure should minimize the impact in most areas. The polyethylene material comprising EZ Dock products ensures optimal light availability, helping them adhere to dock environmental standards and allowing them to meet the requirements of eco-conscious boat and property owners.

Our Commitment to Habitat Conservation

EZ Dock is committed to making sure our products do not harm the environment. We consult with habitat and nature conservationists and specifically design our products to be eco-friendly. Treated wood and foam-filled products can be dangerous to wildlife habitats because they deteriorate, break apart and leave debris and chemicals in the water. EZ Dock utilizes only safe, non-toxic materials in every dock component we build. We’re also proud that our docks have been used in research programs that enrich and preserve the beauty that surrounds our wetlands. For more information on our eco-friendly docks, contact us today.

“Habitat management today is an extension of every outdoorsman. The ability to install an environmentally sensitive access and egress walkway in approved wetlands or swamps quickly and efficiently limits site impact, allowing managed enjoyment of our natural resources. As a habitat contractor, EZ Dock opens up an entire host of options that I never had before. EZ Dock allows an efficient way to install custom pond dockage and piers with ease. The modular components allow me great flexibility to design each project individually, and each one has a look of its own, which is a great feeling for any contractor.”

~ Craig Alderman, Owner, Cedar Oak Farm Habitat Management of Central Missouri