Case Study – NASA Stennis Space Center

EZ Dock is a simple, durable floating dock system, and EZ Launch is the perfect solution for boarding and exiting canoes and kayaks. Our recent installation at the NASA Stennis Space Center is a testament to our products’ longevity and usability. This case study is one of many that help us improve our plastic docks and launch areas to continue to provide quality materials to our customers.

Learn more about the NASA Stennis Space Center collaboration with EZ Dock.

Project Details

This project is in Hancock County, Mississippi, on the Possum Walk Heritage Trail near the NASA Stennis Space Center. This project aims to provide a secure dock area for the Pearl River, which previously had no equipment. The trail crosses through marsh and wetland areas, perfect for birdwatching, fishing, walking, biking and wildlife viewing.

The dock system is located approximately half a mile through the woods along the Heritage Trail. This location challenged us to transport, set up and install our dock in a harder-to-access area. After our test in the government facility, we were able to install the EZ Dock system.

NASA Stennis Center

Final Impacts

The NASA Stennis Space Center now has a beautiful, functional attraction for visitors and employees. The EZ Dock system requires almost no maintenance and is sturdier than traditional wooden docks. With an EZ Launch, visitors can safely bring, enter and exit their kayaks or canoes.

The EZ Launch is:

  • ADA-compliant
  • Durable
  • Easily maintainable
  • Simple to clean

After installing the EZ Dock system, the entire 3.2-mile trail is now wheelchair-, bike- and walker-accessible. The launch gives visitors access to new fishing and paddling spots without disrupting the serene environment.

The Benefits of EZ Launch

At EZ Dock, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality materials to all areas that require proper water access. Our goal is to help people get the most out of nature and enjoy water activities freely. We are the premier floating dock company, and our product applications showcase our determination and research.

Some of the benefits of EZ Dock include:

  • Lowered maintenance costs: Plastic docks last for years without the need for staining and repairs.
  • Improved water access: With EZ Dock, you can fish, walk and safely sit near the water.
  • Heightened safety: The nonslip surface is safe to walk on, even when wet. Our polyethylene docks are barefoot friendly.

The NASA Stennis Space Center now has a quality EZ Dock system that they can enjoy for years.