Boating and Sudden Weather Changes

Even if you check the forecast before heading to the dock, you can still experience unexpected weather changes when you’re out on the water. Once you’re on the water, you have limited time to decide how best to get through the event safely.

Top 4 Tips For Boating Safety During Sudden Storms

Weather is only predictable to an extent, meaning you might find yourself stuck in the ocean or on a lake during a rough storm without warning. To be prepared for weather changes, follow these tips.

1. Wear a Life Jacket

When on the water, you should always have appropriately-sized life jackets on board for every person on the boat. These are vital when safely riding out a storm. As rough waters come on and waves become larger, every person on your boat should immediately put on their life jacket. These jackets can help keep you afloat if harsh wind or water knocks you overboard.

2. Look For a Safe Path to Shore

If you notice storm clouds approaching or unusual wind gusts, consider heading back to shore early. Sometimes you may find yourself in the middle of a storm with seemingly no warning. If possible, you should look for a clear path to your dock in this situation.

3. Angle Your Boat at 45 Degrees

If you cannot make it safely to shore during the storm, you may need to stay out on the water. You will want to approach the waves at a 45-degree angle. Doing this helps keep your propeller underwater. It also reduces the amount of water pounding your boat, increasing safety. Try to head back to the shore this way if possible.

4. Secure Loose Items and Doors

You may have several loose belongings when you’re boating, including food and water supplies or recreational items and other gear. Stow your items below deck in a hatch or portal if possible. Reduce the likelihood of losing anything or becoming injured by falling objects when you put them away in a secured cabinet or strap them down.

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Besides wearing your life jacket, one of the most crucial things you can do before or during a storm is dock your boat. With EZ Dock, you can come back to shore and quickly tie up your boat, saving you valuable time as you seek shelter. Our docks are designed to withstand intense weather conditions. 

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