Case Study – Weatherford Walkway

EZ Dock makes products intended to fit a wide range of industries, including city and government projects. The City of Weatherford, Texas, chose EZ Dock as their supplier for the floating walkway at Lake Weatherford. We used our floating dock panels and railings to create a safe, sturdy path across the lake.

Our collaboration with the city of Weatherford demonstrates how a floating walkway or dock can elevate a natural scene. 

Project Details

In 2019, Weatherford’s Parks, Recreation and Special Events directed signed off on the floating walkway contract. EZ Dock collaborated with the town of Weatherford to create a stunning walkway across Lake Weatherford. The floating walkway extends from East Lake Drive to West Lake Drive. The trails and walkway combined are 4,313 feet long. 

The floating walkway was a small part of the Parks, Recreation and Special Events department’s plan to rejuvenate the area surrounding Lake Weatherford. The city’s plan also includes trails, restrooms, pavilions and piers, making the site more suitable for visitors. EZ Dock manufactured the floating panels and safety rails that make up the majority of the walkway. 

Lasting Impacts 

The floating trail gives users access to gorgeous natural scenery. Residents and visitors can observe wildlife, enjoy the fresh air and walk or jog along the path all year long. Residents can get closer to nature with advanced technology from EZ Dock.  

The Weatherford boardwalk’s successes have attracted other municipalities to the idea of a floating boardwalk. The Omaha Parks and Recreation Department is planning to add a floating trail across Standing Bear Lake. This particular trail is 8 feet wide and 975 feet long. Floating paths are becoming increasingly popular as others realize the potential benefits of walking trails.

Benefits of EZ Dock

EZ Dock is the premier manufacturer of floating docks and launch areas. We create high-quality plastic panels that give you better access to waterways. The Weatherford Walkway is just one example of how our products can improve your residential or commercial waterway. Our plastic materials are slip-resistant even when wet so you can walk confidently. You can use use our preexisting dock layouts or work with us to find the best setup for you. With our polyethylene materials, you will save money on maintenance and design.

To learn more about the products we used to create the Weatherford Walkway, contact us to speak with a specialist or reach out for a free quote for your project.