Case Study – E3 Solutions Megamist 420

In this case study, E3 Solutions used EZ Dock water access systems to showcase their Megamist 420. The E3 Solutions Megamist 420 is an advanced wastewater evaporation system. E3 Solutions creates water evaporation systems for a range of areas, industries and purposes.

EZ Dock creates quality plastic docks and launch areas for water access. Our products are perfect for personal, business or commercial use. We worked alongside E3 Solutions to demonstrate the power of the Megamist 420.

Project Specifications

EZ Dock provided our premier floating dock materials to E3 Solutions to test and demonstrate the Megamist 420. The Megamist 420 offers a safe walkway for maintenance, a separate control panel and a 360-degree rotational atomizing arm. The evaporator floats along the water surface on a secure dock panel made from polyethylene.

E3 Solutions technology maximizes efficiency by controlling both water flow rates and atomizer speeds relative to site-specific conditions. The Megamist 420 is one of many wastewater technologies that rests on a water surface. EZ Dock sections provide a safe, easy-to-install floating dock to each separate evaporator panel.

Lasting Impacts

With the right dock equipment, the Megamist 420 is an easily accessible wastewater removal system. Wastewater threatens ecosystems and wildlife, so an evaporator is a functional solution that saves water and eliminates pollutants. The Megamist 420 also allows for control in case of unexpected weather factors to maintain a safe environment.

EZ Dock gives operators full access to their wastewater evaporators. Our products are slip-resistant and easy to install. We carry many different dock configurations, pieces and attachments to create the ideal dock system for any evaporator.

Quality Products From EZ Dock

We are the premier floating dock manufacturer. Our outreach goes beyond personal use — we help businesses perfect their products as well.

EZ Dock makes products that are:

  • Safe: Our goal is to keep both workers and family members safe. Our polyethylene docks are slip-resistant so you can walk comfortably.
  • Efficient: Every dock is easy to install and requires almost no maintenance. Each piece securely attaches so you can enjoy a stable surface wherever you are.
  • Versatile: With our vast inventory, you can customize your dock’s safety features with different accessories and attachments. Our products work for personal or commercial use.

If you are interested in the products used in this study, contact us online to request a free quote and get in touch with a specialist.