Floating Dock Walkways

The EZ Trail® system from EZ Dock is a smart way to create accessible ramps and pathways in your woodland, wetland, or any other place you need a safe and durable walking platform. Our pioneering trail system is less invasive, and the large interconnecting, modular sections are simple to install. In addition, you can easily add sections as needed, or re-configure your walkway anytime you like.

Our goal is to effectively and efficiently meet all of your outdoor walkway needs, while working in harmony with the environment – not against it. Simply put, EZ Trail® makes it easy for anyone to enjoy nature at anytime in any setting.

EZ Trail® Features and Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Versatile and expandable self-floating design that is suitable for land and water
  • Easily moved, unlike fixed walkways, ramps, piers or docks
  • Less invasive because it does not require permanent foundation
  • Made of maintenance-free and non-toxic materials
  • Beige color is attractive, blends with natural surroundings and remains cool
  • Light can penetrate through pieces to foster plant growth beneath
  • Can be suspended above vegetation by use of supports
  • Universal accessibility (meets ADA guidelines)
  • Longevity well beyond that of treated wood walkways or platforms
  • Long-term value
  • Great investment
  • Easy to install and designed to be safe, EZ Dock floating dock walkways add value to your property or business. If there is a boggy or wet area on your property or on your business land, it’s not only a potential liability issue, but can also mean you don’t get full value from your land.

    Floating walkways are easy to install, meaning you can start using more of your land right away. They can also keep users safe by offering a strong, durable and stable surface to walk on. These walkways can also make your property more accessible for more users.

    EZ Dock floating dock walkways work in harmony with the environment. Since the walkways float, there is no need to disturb ecosystems with invasive digging and installation. The walkways also allow light to penetrate, encouraging natural flora growth. Additionally, the neutral beige color blends in well with natural surroundings.

    With many applications, EZ Dock walkways are great for camp systems, parks and recreation and other uses. This is a great option for housing developments, municipal lands and public lands and residential areas. If you own a home and can’t use some of your land due to boggy or saturated ground, this can be a solution.

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