EZ Port® Max 2i

Our patented, top-of-the-line, self-centering PWC lift for easy drive-on entry. The Port MAX 2i’s split entry and self-adjusting rollers make loading and unloading smooth and effortless, even for beginner PWC operators.

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Virtually Maintenance Free
EZ Dock’s polyethylene ports are durable, slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, and completely wood-free. They won’t splinter, rot, or need paint.

Industrial Strength Couplers
The EZ Dock system uses couplers that make it easy to add-on to your EZ Port MAX 2i. Our uniquely designed couplers are flexible and strong, even in rough conditions.

EZ Port® Max 2i Features and Benefits

  • Easy loading
  • One-piece integrated design
  • Adjustable rollers that adapt to a number of different PWC brands and hull designs
  • Bow stop to help prevent overshooting
  • Three-sided accessibility
  • Wide variety of anchoring options
  • Compatibility with any traditional floating dock, fixed dock or EZ Dock system

EZ Port installation requires just a few tools and very little time. Dealer assistance is available if needed. 1-800-654-8168


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