Case Study – Gorge Cave

The Red River Gorge is a canyon system along the Red River in eastern Kentucky designated as a National Landmark and a National Archaeological District. This area is home to a wide array of natural scenes such as rock shelters, waterfalls, natural bridges and caves.

Thrillsville Adventure Park offers tours and fun activities for the whole family in the Red River Gorge. One of their most popular attractions is the underground kayaking and boat tours. EZ Dock provided the dock materials to help people board and exit their boats safely so they can focus on the gorgeous underground scenery around them.

Project Details

Thrillsville Adventure Park collaborated with EZ Dock for their underground kayaking and boat tours. Getting everyone on and off kayaks and boats safely is simple with EZ Dock and the EZ Launch. Groups meet up together and traverse the underground cave while following a tour guide.

This project has unique circumstances since it is underground. We had to transport and install the dock pieces in the cave, which was challenging. Our modular dock pieces allowed us to create a stable docking area for kayaks and tour boats.

Lasting Impacts

With our safe loading docks, people can now explore the underwater caverns at The Gorge Underground. These activities are suitable for visitors of all ages. Our nonslip polyethylene docks ensure that everyone gets in and out of their boat or kayak safely.

The docks are the beginning and endpoint for the tour, so there is a lot of foot traffic. The area is dark and damp, but our docks are slip-resistant, easy to navigate and accessible. With EZ Dock, the adventurers at Thrillsville Adventure Park can eagerly await their underground tour of caves, waterways and rock formations.

Quality Dock Materials From EZ Dock

EZ Dock is a leading provider of floating docks, kayak and canoe boarding stations and boardwalks. Our polyethylene panels are the ideal option for water activities.

When you work with EZ Dock, you get a product that is:

  • Cost-efficient: Plastic docks require less maintenance, cleaning and inspection so you can save money overall.
  • Long-lasting: Wood or other materials eventually need to be replaced due to water absorption. Plastic docks resist water and last for years.
  • High-quality: Our docs and launch stations keep people safe. We use high-quality materials that last a long time and create an attractive dock area.

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