Where Is the Best Place to Store a Fire Extinguisher on Your Boat? 

When you are out on the water having fun with friends and family, accidents can happen at any time. That’s why a boat fire extinguisher should be a staple in your emergency kit. 

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Why Have a Boat Fire Extinguisher? 

A boat is at a greater risk of fire due to factors such as the engine, enclosed living spaces, heavy fuel tanks, and double bottoms that aren’t sealed to the hull. From kitchen fires to flammable liquid leaks, having a fire extinguisher handy ensures you and your passengers stay safe and are prepared for unexpected accidents while you’re out on the water. Depending on the type and size of your boat, you may even be required by law to have at least one on board.

The Best Location for Fire Extinguishers 

Investing in one or two fire extinguishers is the first step to ensuring everyone on your boat stays safe. It’s also important to store them in the right location. You want to ensure your fire extinguisher is readily accessible in emergencies, so consider high traffic areas of your boat as well as rooms where a fire would be more likely to occur, such as the kitchen, bilge, cabin, and hull. Consider other danger zones such as the area where you store gasoline or other flammable liquid.

Once you’ve determined the best locations to store your fire extinguishers, make sure they are mounted properly so you can use them effectively and verify nothing blocks your access. To prevent the chemicals from settling at the bottom of the can, mount and store each fire extinguisher at an angle.

Marine Fire Extinguisher Requirements 

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued various marine fire extinguisher requirements that vary based on your boat’s size. At a minimum, it is required all boats 26 feet or less have at least one B-1 type Coast Guard-approved hand portable fire extinguisher on board. 

If you have a boat anywhere from 26 to 40 feet, you need two B-1 extinguishers or one B-2 type on board. Larger boats, such as those 40 to 65 feet, must have either three B-1 or a combination of one B-1 and one B-2 extinguisher. All boats over 65 feet need anywhere from one to eight B-2 fire extinguishers. 

Keep in mind these are the minimum amounts — you can always have more fire extinguishers, especially in areas with a higher risk of fire.

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