Why You Should Consider a New Dock for Your Boat 

Having a dock on your waterfront property provides a convenient way to get in and out of the water. Depending on the type and style of your dock, it can also offer added security and protection for your boat. 

However, if your current boat dock takes too long to regularly maintain, doesn’t meet your needs or style, or requires extensive repairs, it’s the perfect time to consider installing a new dock.

What Are Your Different Dock Options?

There are two main types of docks you can choose from — removable or permanent. Removable docks are designed to be semipermanent, allowing you to reconfigure and remove them at any time. Removable docks include: 

  • Floating docks. Floating docks come in various configurations and shapes and float on the water’s surface.
  • Piling docks. Piling docks rise and fall depending on the water’s level and can easily withstand strong currents.
  • Pipe docks. Pipe docks are affordable options that work best in shallow water less than 8 feet deep.

Permanent docks, on the other hand, are designed to remain in place. They include: 

  • Crib docks. Crib docks are custom-built and offer a great deal of stability with a wooden frame design. 
  • Suspension docks. Suspension docks, as their name suggests, hang over the water with cables and anchorage. 

Benefits of Installing a New Dock

Building and installing a new dock allows you to completely personalize the construction and accessories and design a removable or permanent option that better meets your needs. 

Floating plastic docks specifically will ensure you and your family spend less time maintaining your dock and more time making memories on the water. You won’t have to worry about painting or staining this type of dock, saving a great deal of time and effort over the years.

Along with the benefit of being able to completely customize the design, installing a new dock provides several other advantages, including:

  • Increasing your property’s value.
  • Saving money on repairs. 
  • Adding additional space for relaxing or fishing.
  • Keeping your family safe.

Request a Quote for a Customizable Dock Today

EZ Dock has been designing attractive, practical and eco-friendly docks for over 26 years. To help you achieve your dream boat dock, we’ve designed all our dock systems to be easily configurable and fully customizable. 

With our polyethylene docks, you won’t have to worry about maintaining and staining them. These docks are durable and designed to resist warping, peeling or chipping — even in harsh weather conditions. They are also barefoot-friendly, allowing you and your family to stay comfortable and safe, whether you are relaxing or fishing off your new dock. 

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