How to Drive More Revenue at Your Marina

Marina owners looking to develop additional revenue and differentiate themselves from the competition have many options at their disposal. One of the best ways to drive more revenue to your marina is to think outside the box. Here are five tips to help boost sales at your boat marina.

Marina Management: Revenue Driving Tips 

Try these strategies to help drive more business to your marina and increase revenue throughout the year.

1. Improve Marketing Strategies

It’s important to develop and implement creative ways to get the word out about your marina, whether through digital or traditional methods or by hosting events. By improving your marketing, you can work to increase your share of the market. In other words, you can attract more boaters and keep them coming back.

2. Practice Exceptional Customer Service

Customer care goes beyond using formalities and saying hello. Great customer service is all about creating loyal patrons who will tell their coworkers, family and friends about your marina, thus driving more business your way. 

Another way to provide service that exceeds expectations is to ensure your customers’ needs are met. Building a customer-centric environment by focusing on marina cleanliness — for example, keeping your docks in pristine shape and ensuring your facilities are squeaky clean — helps foster long-term growth. 

3. Introduce New Amenities

Investing in new amenities is an excellent way to capitalize on customers’ positive feelings about their boat and your marina. Upgrades such as adding dockside cable TV, craft cocktail service and Wi-Fi hotspots will help you gain an edge over the competition by encouraging guests to stay longer. 

4. Expand Your Services

Service offerings are one of the best ways to draw customers to your marina who aren’t necessarily into boating. Attract a range of patrons by offering services such as:

  • Kids’ birthday party packages that include boating tours.
  • Stand-up paddleboard storage services and rentals.

5. Reduce Dock Construction Costs With EZ Dock

Investing in the right dock for your marina can go a long way in attracting customers, allowing more of the water to be used and making the most efficient use of space so members can use various watercraft.

Commercial docks from EZ Dock are popular with marinas because they provide an excellent return on investment. They resist rust and are stable and durable, thus reducing overall marina costs. EZ Dock products are completely customizable so you can scale your dock solutions and make your boat marina a destination for boaters and non-boaters alike.

Get the Right Dock for Your Marina From EZ Dock 

No matter which strategies you employ to increase revenue at your marina, you’re on the right track if you’re focused on innovative ways to exceed customer expectations. We know that reducing dock construction costs means more money in your pocket. Our revolutionary EZ Dock polyethylene dock sections are durable, low maintenance and slip-resistant to help you get the most out of marina management. 

Request a quote today or contact us to learn more about our competitive pricing and innovative dock solutions.