How to Decorate Your Lake Dock

How to Decorate Your Lake Dock

There’s nothing better than using your lake dock to enjoy your waterfront to its fullest extent, and it’s even better when you customize your dock to meet your needs. Customizing your set-up makes it feel more like your home away from home.

Decorating your dock should be enjoyable — making it an extension of yourself brings it to life and optimizes it for entertainment and relaxation. If you’re wondering how to make the most of your dock, use our guide to help you customize your favorite place with all the entertainment, accessories and additions you could want. 

Ideas to Customize Your Dock

Personalizing your dock is a great way to create a unique set-up that fits your needs and preferences. While you can always enjoy your dock as-is, giving it a personal touch makes it seem like a space that’s truly yours. You’ll enhance your waterfront enjoyment and transform your dock into a space that you’ll want to spend time in. Adding accessories, furniture and entertainment makes your lake dock a comfortable and inviting space. 

Let’s explore some ideas for elevating your waterfront experience:

Dock Furniture

Dock Furniture

Dock furniture provides seating and lounging areas, making your dock a relaxing area to enjoy the views. Invest in durable benches, comfortable chairs and even hammocks to make your dock feel like home. Consider adding waterproof cushions for a softer seat that helps keep the heat away.

Here are some potential options for dock furniture:

  • Benches: Consider high-quality polyethylene dock benches for your dock. They’re durable, UV-resistant and waterproof — with easy-to-clean design and armrests with cupholders, they’re ideal for lake dock relaxation.
  • Chairs: Adirondack chairs are classic choices for lake docks. While they aren’t as weather and water-resistant as polyethylene benches, they’re comfortable seating options for a dock. Their timeless design makes them classic lake dock fixtures. Just remember to securely store them during rough weather to protect them from damage. Other chair options include folding chairs or seats that double as storage benches.
  • Hammocks: Dock hammocks are comfortable and luxurious. They allow you to relax over the water and enjoy the breeze. While benches are nice for sitting with friends and family or waiting for fish to bite, hammocks give you a space to spend the whole day on your dock. Combine them with shade and stay cool while taking in the sights and sounds around you.
  • Tables: Dock tables may sit on top of your dock or attach to it for ultimate convenience. You can create a nice spot to sit, eat or play card games with others. Dock tables are excellent for anyone who uses their dock for recreational fun — add shades or umbrellas for sun protection while you sit at the table. 

Dock Lighting

Dock Lighting

Well-placed lighting enhances dock ambiance and improves safety. Lighting lets you maximize your dock usage, transforming it into a welcoming place even after the sun goes down. With any lighting, you must ensure a reliable, safe power source. Make sure your dock lighting is energy-efficient and safe so you can light your dock without worry. 

Consider these options to help illuminate your dock:

  • Solar-powered lights: You can install solar-powered lights along the dock to provide you with subtle illumination. The best part about solar-powered lights is that they don’t need added electricity to keep them running. Instead, these lights automatically charge during the day and light up your waterfront at night. They’re a worry-free way to give your deck a soft glow. 
  • LED rope lighting: Energy-efficient LED rope lighting is another excellent way to bring light to your lake. Place it along your dock or dock railings to give everything a low-light look that’s helpful without being overwhelming. Since you place these lights along the dock or rails, it makes navigating your dock easier and safer. Choose from a variety of colors to fit your design preferences. 
  • Underwater lights: Going with underwater lights is ideal for anyone looking to create a more aesthetic look for their dock. You can install these lights below the waterline, creating a relaxing glow. These lights will provide you with valuable illumination while transforming your dock into a stylish marine space. 
  • String lights: Consider draping string lights near your dock, like around trees, or along your dock fixtures and furniture. String lighting offers a soft glow for late-night relaxation and entertainment.


Dock Décor

Adding decorative elements to your lake dock will help you create a more visually appealing place. Investing in dock décor turns your dock into a space that reflects who you are — you’ll enjoy spending more time when you’re in a place that feels like it’s a part of you. Use these ideas to help inspire you to find the right décor for your lake dock: 

  • Personalized signs: Use personalized signs or plaques to display lake-inspired quotes and family names along your dock. These signs give everything a more personalized touch and show off writing you enjoy. Custom signs are a small touch that can really make your dock feel like a unique space. Some signs can also double as safety warnings for guests. 
  • Nautical-themed accessories: Nautical-themed accessories elevate your dock from a utility item to a decorated space. With decorative lifebuoys, boat cleats and anchors, you can make your dock feel like part of the waterfront. You can thrift older pieces to give your dock a more rustic feel or look for new accessories to match your sleek dock design. Play around with different accessories to create custom decorations that fit your aesthetics. 
  • Plants: Plants are a great way to add color and life to your dock. Lush greenery and vibrant plants make your dock look alive. Look for hardy plants that enjoy the sun to ensure they hold up to all-day exposure. Adding live plants means you need to water them regularly, but that just gives you an excuse to spend more time on your dock.

You can also use furniture and lighting to match a specific style, like modern furnishings for a sleek appearance or ambient lighting for a more rustic, outdoor appeal. 


Dock Usability

Enhancing your lake dock’s usability ensures it fits your specific needs. Adding additional usability features will help you make the most of your dock activities and gives you extra convenience. Use these accessories to elevate your dock experience:

  • Storage: Adding additional storage, like storage boxes, helps organize your dock accessories. Permanently mounted, weather-resistant storage boxes can withstand harsh conditions and keep your belongings safe. Store towels, life jackets, fishing equipment and more whenever you need them with additional storage boxes. Also, consider investing in storage racks and hooks to keep your paddleboards, kayaks and other watercraft easily accessible and organized. 
  • Fishing rod holders: Installing fishing rod holders along your dock gives you convenient, hands-free holding for your rods on the dock. You can keep your lines secure while you relax on the waterfront and wait for a bite. Add as many fishing rod holders as you need for you and any visitors to have easy fishing access. 
  • Stairs or ladders: Installing ladders and steps make it much easier to access the water from your dock. Those who want to get in the water can quickly and safely climb in. Instead of wading out to the shoreline, you can hop out of the water with steps or ladders. Investing in slip-resistant, polyethylene dock ladders helps protect you from falling when using them to access the water. They’re highly durable and will withstand water damage and weathering with ease. 
  • Cleaning stations: Our fish cleaning stations mount to your dock, reducing the materials you need to haul when in use. Marine-grade aluminum grating makes these stations durable, easy to clean and compact. You’ll have easy access to a fish cleaning space without dragging your own cleaning station out to the dock whenever you want to prepare your day’s catch.


Dock Landscaping

Cultivating the landscape around your dock will elevate the look of your entire waterfront and make it a more inviting space. Use these landscaping ideas to inspire your dock design:

  • Waterfront plants: Planting aquatic vegetation or installing floating planters helps create a natural transition between the dock, land and water — you’ll turn your waterfront into a lush space for anyone to visit. Some plants may even enhance your shoreline’s water quality through filtration or clarity. Native sedges and grasses are a great place to start when planning your lakeside garden.
  • Flower beds: You can design flower beds around your dock with low-maintenance, native plants. These plants will thrive on the waterfront, making them less work while giving you all the benefits of a vibrant plant space. Use plants and their natural colors to add dimension to your lakefront. 
  • Shaded areas: Shaded areas provide sun cover and added looks to your waterfront. Plant trees nearby or install shades and umbrellas along the docks for better sun coverage. Getting proper sun protection allows you to spend more time on the dock comfortably. Additionally, umbrellas and shades can enhance the sophistication of your dock. 
  • Hardscaping: Hardscaping uses rocks and other solid structures to add versatility and visual interest to your dockside. Consider adding a sidewalk or paved patio area near your dock to bring a sense of cohesiveness. 

Safety Features

Dock Safety Features

Safety features are essential for having a good time on your dock. They help you create a secure environment that minimizes risk and accidents while maximizing dock enjoyment. Here are some important safety features to consider installing:

  • Railings: Installing safety railings along your dock’s perimeter is essential for preventing falls into the water. While nonslip dock surfaces help prevent some falls, railings add an even more secure layer of protection. Aluminum railings are sturdy, corrosion-resistant and safe. Ensure your railings comply with local safety regulations and are properly secured to your dock structure.
  • Storage for life vests: Providing designated storage for life vests and personal floatation devices helps keep your everything safe and conveniently located for quick access. Keeping them accessible makes responding to emergencies faster and helps reduce accidents on the water. 
  • Hidden anchors: Anchor points are crucial for securing your dock and preventing instability and drifting. Consider using hidden anchors like piling brackets or helical piles for superior strength. They’ll hold your dock securely without creating tripping hazards. 
  • Security curbing: Security curbing gives your dock a high-contrast border. You’ll highlight the dock edges and keep dock users safe from falling or slipping with clearly-defined edges. 

Consider accessibility while designing your dock layout and safety installations. Additions like ramps, steps and floating walkways make the dock more enjoyable for everyone.


Water Activities

While boats and personal watercraft (PWCs) make for plenty of entertainment, adding additional features can transform your dock into a luxurious hang-out space. Whether you want to host large get-togethers or make the most of your relaxation time, adding entertainment features is a great way to build the dock experience of your dreams. These additions make your dock a space you’ll never want to leave:

  • Built-in speakers: Wireless speakers let you play whatever you want during your dock time. Install weather-resistant speakers on your dock to give you convenient access to music, podcasts and audiobooks, and connect your speakers to a wireless sound system for flexibility and easy control. 
  • Outdoor projector or TV: Setting up an outdoor projector or TV lets you put on movie nights and sports while on your dock. Make sure to choose weatherproof options and protect them with covers so they stay safe year-round. 
  • Water activities: Installing docks slides on your dock is the ultimate way to make your dock more entertaining for friends and family. Polyethylene slides are durable and water-resistant. Their permanent installation and nonslip, polyvinyl steps make them extremely safe and strong for year-round fun. Floating trampolines and diving boards make your waterfront even more interactive, allowing kids and adults to be entertained on the water. 
  • Games: Horseshoes, ladder toss and cornhole provide additional entertainment options that bring everyone together. You can even break out the cards if your dock has plenty of tables and seating.

Custom Configurations

Dock configuration impacts your dock design and experience significantly — functionality and design go hand-in-hand. Getting the right dock set-up allows you to use your dock for docking boats and PWCs, fishing, swimming and more. If you plan to use your dock for multiple purposes or to accommodate a lot of people at once, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate. 

Consider including these additions to your dock configurations: 

  • Ports and launches: Advanced PWC and boat ports simplify docking and launching your watercraft. With low-maintenance, slip-resistant ports, you can spend more time on the water instead of worrying about your vessel. Multiple rollers make loading and launching low-effort and fast — the easier it is to launch your craft, the more time you can spend having fun. Use numerous ports to accommodate all your boats, kayaks and canoes.
  • F-shaped docks: These docks give you long “fingers” extending from your dock for easier boat docking. The F-shape allows easy boat access while reserving the main dock section for walking and recreation. Choose from one or multiple fingers to fit all your boats.
  • Wide platforms: The more time you spend on your dock and the more activities you want to do, the more space you’ll need. Wide dock platforms give you all the room you could want for slides, games and relaxing. Large, rectangular platforms offer a lot of room for different dock uses and let you create a dock space you’ll spend hours enjoying. 

Benefits of Choosing a Floating Dock for Design

Benefits of Choosing a Floating Dock

Part of figuring out how to decorate your dock is choosing the best dock to start as your foundation. Choosing a floating dock provides several benefits that elevate your waterfront design and any accessories you include later. Floating docks are ideal for anyone looking for a superior dock experience while letting you switch up your design whenever you want. They are versatile, customizable and adaptable and fit with a range of water conditions. These docks deliver lots of advantages, making your waterfront experience more enjoyable. 

Consider these floating dock benefits if you’re looking for a dock you can design to your standards:

  • Easy add-ons: Investing in a high-quality floating dock allows you to switch up your dock design and layout. They’re infinitely customizable, allowing for easy integration of features and additional sections. Whether you want to add seating, kayak launches or fishing rod holders, modular floating docks provide the flexibility you need. You can incorporate these add-ons without significant dock modification. Their modular design makes attaching and detaching accessories simple as your needs evolve, allowing you to personalize your dock to suit your specific preferences and activities. 
  • Simple reconfiguration: Modular floating docks offer the advantage of simple reconfiguration. You can adapt your dock layout and design as needed to accommodate whatever waterfront experience you want. Fixed docks are often permanent structures, limiting the size and use of your dock. Floating docks can be easily adjusted and rearranged. This flexibility allows you to accommodate water depth changes, fluctuating tides and shifting water levels due to seasonal changes. You can switch up your dock’s size, orientation and shape to ensure optimum usability and functionality. 
  • Clean look: Floating docks are known for their clean, streamlined appearance. They sit above the water’s surface, creating a sleek and modern look for your waterfront. This look adds visual appeal to your property, giving you an excellent canvas for your additional design measures. Floating docks also eliminated the need for unsightly pilings and support posts, which can create navigational challenges or obstruct your view. Their minimalistic design delivers an uncluttered, visually pleasing addition to any lakefront property. 
  • Enhanced accessibility: One of the significant advantages of floating docks is their accessibility. Floating docks provide easy entry and exit points, allowing more people of all abilities and ages to use the dock. Also, floating docks can be equipped with steps, rails, ramps, and ladders to make access safer and more effortless no matter how you access the dock. Including accessible kayak transfer systems makes getting into a kayak or canoe simpler for individuals with disabilities, and stable, slip-resistant dock surfaces help keep everyone upright when walking and boarding.
  • Weather-resistance: The strength and weather resistance of polyethylene floating docks allow them to move with the water and stay together during rough conditions. A durable dock and dock accessories let you customize your set-up safely, knowing your dock will last through heavy weathering without damage. The more you can count on your dock to last, the more personally you can design it since you won’t be replacing it anytime soon. 

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Whether you’re looking for a high-quality floating dock or need accessories to improve your current dock, EZ Dock has everything you need. Our industry-leading modular dock design and durable components make our floating docks durable, safe and customizable. With UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant polyethylene, your EZ Dock floating dock system will withstand years of heavy weathering and use. Whatever your dock needs, we have a configuration and accessories that will work for you. 

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